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    42 Ridiculously Cute Gifts To Make Even Grinches Smile This Christmas

    Their heart *might* even grow three sizes.

    1. This rainbow-design trinket tray is incredibly wholesome.

    2. Nobody can resist this super cute hippo tea infuser which is the perfect gift for tea lovers.

    3. This little dumpling lamp will light up their room and their heart.

    4. These over-the-knee wooly socks will keep them *properly* warm – and just look at their lil' pom-pom ears peeking out over their lil' panda faces!!

    5. This Frida Kahlo teacup and flower-shaped saucer is just so pretty.

    6. Your giftee will glow just as brightly as this Moomin and Snorkmaiden lamp when they open up their gift!

    7. This cute faux fur antler scrunchie will add the perfect finishing touch to their Christmas day ~lewk~ – it even has jingle bells!

    8. This adorable hamster keyring would make a great stocking filler for someone who loves their furry friends.

    9. And presentation is EVERYTHING with these socks that look like sushi!

    10. This Baby Yoda card game is not only incredibly adorable, it'll also keep the whole family entertained!

    11. This corner bookmark comes in tons of different colours and can be personalised with their name or a cute message.

    12. This double-wall insulated glass is unBEARably cute – it'll keep your giftee's tea hot and their milk cold.

    13. Budding astrologers will adore this teeny tiny planetarium that'll project the constellations onto their wall.

    14. I'm just gonna leave these colourful Moomin socks right here.

    15. This fox heating pillow looks like it’s curled up into a little ball! It will keep them warm and help to soothe things like muscle aches and period pains.

    16. Your pal will probably love this elephant sippy cup just as much as their baby will – it has ears for handles, for crying out loud!

    17. It's pretty much impossible to not fall in love with this Baby Groot plant pot on sight.

    18. If they're forever reading their way into the night, you just know they're gonna love this clothespin book light.

    19. Get them this incredibly wholesome jar of personalised biscuits to tell them why they're so great!

    20. This cute and practical Highland cow mug has a space to keep their leftover teabag and is dressed in a suitably festive jumper.

    21. These squishy little peas-in-a-pod keyrings are a fun stress reliever and would make great stocking fillers!

    22. This wholesome rainbow decoration crochet kit will lift anybody's mood – it also provides them with a mindful and relaxing hobby!

    23. This plush seal pillow is as squishy as it is adorable!

    24. There’s a cute little panda at the bottom of this ceramic mug!

    25. They can use this cuddly sloth to give themselves a good back massage – it's the perfect cute yet practical gift!

    26. And this wooden ornament makes a sweet and thoughtful gift for your friend that's always losing their glasses.

    27. This Baby Yoda T-shirt just speaks for itself, really.

    28. Anyone who loves being warm will appreciate this mug cosy set that comes with a pair of festive socks!

    29. They can place this mini panda magnet so it looks like it's climbing up the fridge – or in any other suitably adorable position.

    30. For the gin to your tonic that's always been there through the tough times, why not treat them to this adorable keyring?

    31. This whale plant pot only needs a succulent to reach ultimate levels of gift perfection.

    32. Any homeware lover will appreciate these coasters that look like oversized buttons.

    33. You can get them one of these thirsty plant pots that literally feed themselves.

    34. Your giftee will be forgiven for believing these tiny tealights are real mini succulents.

    35. And these micro candles are so adorable in their little elephant homes.

    36. Your Friends-obsessed pal will be sure to appreciate the sweet meaning behind these lobster-shaped bath bombs.

    37. This fine bone china cream jug has a cute lil' curled-up hedgehog design!

    38. And this matching sugar pot features the most adorable waddling duck.

    39. Can we please take a moment to appreciate this adorable alpaca hand warmer that they can heat up in the microwave?

    40. If they're into quirky jewellery, they'll adore this PEAR of earrings.

    41. With mini glass jars AND tiny flowers, these sweet lil' fairy lights have it all.

    42. Finally, if you love making personalised lil' gifts for your loved ones, add a cute finishing touch by sealing them with these rustic stickers.