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    22 Cookbooks For Anyone Who Never Knows What To Make

    Whether you’re a practiced chef or culinarily challenged, there is something here for you!

    1. The Working Class Foodies cookbook is the one for you if you’re a food-lover on a budget.

    2. And if you’re a student who’s sick of eating beans on toast, the Ultimate Student Cookbook will give you fun, easy (and most importantly cheap) recipes!

    3. For any complete novices out there, this cookbook has 200 really easy recipes, and is super simple to follow.

    4. Delia’s Complete How To Cook Guide for Beginners: for those of you who like to keep it old-school.

    5. And this crash course which covers all the basics: no-one wants to be a cooking dummy.

    6. Leave your culinary fate in Mary Berry’s capable hands: her Cookery Course cookbook will help to take you from amateur to pro.

    7. Yotam Ottolenghi’s Simple will give you straightforward recipes that are full of flavour.

    8. The Kew Gardens Children’s Cookbook is great for getting kids into cooking, and you might even learn something yourself about growing vegetables!

    9. And The Unicorn Cookbook, because who doesn’t love unicorn-themed food?

    10. When Nadiya says it’s time to eat... it’s time to eat! Her newest book is full of delicious recipes that are easy to make even if you’re always busy.

    11. The Roasting Tin is the original go-to book for simple one-dish dinners, and honestly the best thing about this is the lack of washing up you’ll have to do afterwards!

    12. If you’re looking for some healthy recipes, Pinch of Nom has given you 100 to choose from that are nutritious and delicious!

    13. Follow in Jack Monroe’s footsteps and become a Tin Can Cook, so you can use up all those random tins of food lying around, and reduce food waste at the same time.

    14. Catherine Phipps’s Citrus is definitely one to be displayed – it will look beautiful on your kitchen shelf, and is full of zesty recipes for a more refined palate.

    15. Impress your dinner guests with the ultimate roast dinner: the recipes in this book come directly from the head chef of the award-winning restaurant called - you guessed it - Roast.

    16. To recreate the taste of the history and culture of London, there’s nothing better than the aptly named London: The Cookbook.

    17. Or if you’re just really into British food, the Hairy Bikers have come up with a whole book of classic British recipes.

    18. Planted will help you make some genuinely beautiful all-vegan dishes.

    19. Or if you’re short on time (but still vegan), this Leon cookbook has some quick and easy recipes for you.

    20. For the real foodies among you, Dishoom’s cookbook will have you making the famous Chicken Ruby like a pro.

    21. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: this cookbook takes an all-new approach that will make you see cooking in an entirely new way!

    22. And finally, The Fat Duck Cookbook: one for the really adventurous.