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    29 Cheap And Wholesome Gifts To Give To The People You Love Because, Why Not?

    Get ready to earn some *serious* brownie points.

    1. This treasure of a book is beautifully written and illustrated, and is filled with heartwarming messages that literally everyone can learn from and be inspired by.

    2. Any Pokémon fan will be grateful that you *chose* this mini Bulbasaur plant pot for them.

    3. This handmade teething necklace will be a godsend for the new parent in your life.

    4. And you can give them a much-needed chuckle with this bedtime book (which is definitely not for kids!)

    5. Your friend who loves to bake will have a *whale* of a time with these ceramic measuring spoons.

    6. And any tea lover will adore this silicone loose leaf infuser, which is - and I cannot stress this enough - shaped like a squirrel!!!

    7. This handmade necklace can be personalised with their name and birthstone, and it comes already packaged in a pretty little box.

    8. This 3D LEGO print is surely the only way to profess your love to the Marvel fan in your life.

    9. These lil' peas in a pod keyrings are good stress relievers, so would make a cute gift for someone who's been feeling a bit anxious recently.

    10. And this little book of mindfulness will inspire them to get the most out of every day.

    11. This cute Edison lamp will light up their day in more ways than one.

    12. This little jar is full of happy and inspirational quotes for every day of the month.

    13. This procrastinators planner will help your friend who often struggles in the productivity department.

    14. And this adult colouring book is full of inspirational words, for a calming outlet they'll be sure to appreciate.

    15. Give them the gift of impressive artistic skills with this DIY painting kit which comes complete with a canvas, paint brushes, and set of acrylic paints.

    16. This personalised P.E. bag is literally made for your forgetful lil' one.

    17. And this drawstring makeup bag is perfect for your friend who's always in a rush, but still likes to keep things tidy.

    18. You can get this rose quartz jade roller and scraper set for the princess in your life who deserves to be pampered.

    19. And the same goes for these cruelty-free (and fancy AF) gold under eye masks.

    20. You can give them this 'unicorn dust' to make bath time way more fun – PSA: this is not just for kids!

    21. This BTS-inspired decal is a small but genuine token of your love.

    22. Your eco-conscious friend would be thrilled to get this reusable shopping bag that folds up into an adorable little sheep!

    23. And if they're always on the go, why not get them this zero waste travel kit – complete with shampoo and conditioner bars as well as a bamboo flannel.

    24. You can give them a really personal gift of all your memories together with this DIY scrapbook that comes with everything you'll need to decorate it.

    25. You can get this phone case (which suits most major smartphone models) personalised with their name!

    26. If you're tying the knot, what cuter way to 'propose' to your bridesmaids and future mother-in-law than with these personalised makeup bags?!

    27. This mug has a pocket that will fit six biscuits – for your mate who *really* knows how to prioritise.

    28. This hand embroidered purse is full of beautiful colours that are sure to brighten anyone's day.

    29. And finally, you can give them a *really* special explosion box, which is basically a pop-up style scrapbook, full of things that make the both of you smile – AND it has a cute gift box in the middle, where you can put an extra little gift!)