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    41 Cheap Things Under £6 That You Can Actually Get Some Use Out Of

    These bring a whole new meaning to "cheap and cheerful".

    1. I'm finding it hard to believe that this *unreasonably* chic insulated lunch bag is under £3!

    2. Firstly, I can't think of a single reason why this unbelievably adorable (and surprisingly cheap) plant pot wouldn't be put to immediate use!

    3. I can't believe I didn't know about this styptic pencil sooner! It'll quickly stop bleeding from shaving and other minor cuts.

    4. In the market for a new eyeshadow palette? This one is full of wearable matte shades and customers can't believe how pigmented and buttery they are for the price!

    5. These clever contraptions will hold your food storage bags open while you fill them up. After using them once you'll wonder how you ever lived without them!

    6. This handy heat resistant mat is the *perfect* size for your hair straighteners. It has a pocket design, so works as a carry case too!

    7. Let's be honest, your cotton pad and bud packaging is probably cramping your chic bathroom decor's style! Store them in this satisfying dispenser instead.

    8. This makeup brush holder has clever silicone slots that'll hold your brushes upright and separate, helping to keep them clean between uses.

    9. These daisy print travel shoe bags bring a whole new meaning to pretty and practical!

    10. This chic wooden ornament will hold your glasses AND your heart.

    11. These teeny tiny spatulas come in different sizes to help scoop out every last drop – from your favourite (nearly finished) foundation to the last lick of Nutella! 'Cause let's be honest, sometimes your butter knife just won't cut it.

    12. This genius mug rack will slide under your cabinet or shelf to provide a handy bit of space-saving storage.

    13. Use this pocket-sized cable organiser so your earphone wires won't get tangled up with absolutely everything in your bag!

    14. I'd just like to point out to you that these sleepy Pokémon cord savers actually exist! They'll protect the most vulnerable part of your wires from splitting while looking unreasonably adorable.

    15. This sponge caddy easily clips over any kitchen tap to offer a satisfying storage solution for well under three quid!

    16. Reduce waste by getting every. Last. Drop out of your toothpaste thanks to these handy tube squeezers! They can also be used on tubes of sauces and cosmetics, and the rolling design keeps the leftover tube waste neatly contained.

    17. You can use these mini clay masks on different parts of your face to target different skin concerns.

    18. Not to be dramatic, but I would DIE for this Loch Ness Monster loose leaf tea infuser.

    19. This 'Sprunchie' combines the firm-hold, dent-resistant technology of an Invisibobble with the ease and comfort of a scrunchie!

    20. The classic design of these sterling silver hoops will never go out of style, and they look way more expensive than they actually are!

    21. Quite frankly, I can't think of a reason not to treat yourself to this jumbo box of Tangfastics.

    22. Pour a little vinegar and water into this lil' angry lady and heat her up to make the stains in your microwave SO much easier to remove.

    23. This silicone spatula will be your new best friend. It has a ton of uses and the small size makes it perfect for cooking and serving dishes for one!

    24. Store fiddly pieces of jewellery in style thanks to this chic lil' trinket dish.

    25. This bestselling sheet mask is infused with glow-inducing pomegranate extract and hydrating hyaluronic acid for a super nourishing effect.

    26. Work skincare products in more effectively thanks to this surprisingly affordable jade roller.

    27. This battery-operated alpaca lamp is simply too cute to pass up.

    28. This mini nail set has all the tools you'll need to pamper yourself with endless DIY manis and pedis.

    29. Prep your hands with these 'Thirsty Hands' hand masks. They're lined with an intensely hydrating serum, and the ~handy~ glove design allows you to use your phone while you've got them on!

    30. And complete your ~luxe mani experience with this dusky pink nail polish. It's the perfect goes-with-everything shade!

    31. These portable fairy lights can be wrapped around your bed frame, fixed to your wall, or draped around your mirror to add a bit of warm-toned light to any dark spot.

    32. I can't get over how utterly pawfect this lil' gold-toned USB stick is!

    33. Give your skin a shot of energy with this vitamin C-infused sheet mask that uses natural origin fruit acids to help make your skin ~glow~.

    34. These socks look like regular ankle socks when you're wearing shoes, so only you'll know they actually have an adorable surprise hidden underneath!

    35. These deeply soothing bath salts are infused with calming ingredients like lavender, jasmine, and valerian to help you unwind and have a peaceful sleep.

    36. This face mask application kit will keep your hair out of the way and allow you to apply skincare products evenly.

    37. This clever makeup bag opens completely flat (making it possible to see ALL of your makeup while you're using it!). You can then pack it up in one swift pull of the drawstring fastening.

    38. These luxe eye masks don't just look extremely bougie – they're also infused with collagen extract to reduce puffiness and hydrate the under-eye area!

    39. This Total De-Stress rollerball contains calming and balancing scents like sweet orange and geranium to help soothe you.

    40. If you can't stand smelly tuna water touching your hands, might I suggest this food can strainer? It's also great for draining food from jars and small bowls!

    41. I find this kitten Airpods holder highly ameowsing.