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    32 Cheap Products That Take Very Little Effort But Will Give Big Results In 2021

    If you're kinda lazy but still have high standards, this is the list for you!

    1. This fast-working degreaser puts in all the hard work for you. It removes oily residue from fabrics, metal, and plastic, so you can say goodbye to greasy stains along with 2020!

    2. And this foaming mould remover spray gets rid of stubborn mould and helps to control regrowth! Simply spray it on, let it work its magic for 30 minutes, then wipe away any residue.

    3. This shampoo brush makes it easier to work products into your hair and massages your scalp, loosening dead skin. Customers say it's helped to improve conditions like psoriasis and dandruff!

    4. These subtle yet super secure hooks will come in so handy around the house! They also have a strong adhesive backing for an easy, damage-free installation process.

    5. Pop this reusable dehumidifier bag under your car's windshield to absorb excess moisture and prevent it from fogging up in cold weather.

    6. One application of this impressive antiperspirant roll-on will prevent excess sweating for days, rather than hours! You can use it on your underarms, hands, and feet.

    7. These acne patches couldn't be easier to use! Pop it over your stubborn spot and let it work its healing, concealing, and protecting magic overnight or throughout the day.

    8. I started using this vitamin D spray about a month ago and have noticed a massive boost in my energy levels (which tend to slump in the grey winter months)! I spray it once each morning after brushing my teeth – it has a sweet minty taste.

    9. This rubber broom is far more efficient than its bristly brother. The rubber head collects dirt, hair, and debris from both hard and soft surfaces, and it's easy to clean under running water!

    10. This dehumidifier absorbs the moisture in the air to prevent condensation, damp, and mould from forming. It's portable so you can place it anywhere – like near that particularly wet window.

    11. This vitamin C serum will target fine lines and smooth your skin's texture while you sleep, so you can wake up to a ~glowing~ complexion.

    12. If you have trouble swallowing pills, you can swipe this stick over your forehead instead to relieve headaches in as little as two minutes.

    13. You won't have to worry about face mask-induced fog building up on your glasses thanks to this anti-fog treatment spray. It offers up to five days' worth of protection from just one application!

    14. Since I started using this leave-in conditioner cream about a month ago, my ends look so much healthier and my hair has grown over an inch! As well as helping your locks grow, it offers heat protection too – I just run it through the lengths of my hair while it's still damp.

    15. Simply mount this grooming brush onto a wall or corner so your cat can groom themselves. It saves you time, is easy to clean, and lets your picky pal choose a grooming time that suits them!

    16. And for the inevitable stray hairs that fall loose on your furniture – this highly rated pet hair roller will remove them with minimal effort on your part.

    17. This incredible nail polish top coat helps your manicures dry faster and last way longer. You can paint it straight on top of your base colour to save time and help prevent smudges too!

    18. This ear wax removal kit pretty much does what it says on the tin. It uses a gentle stream of water to dislodge stubborn wax without causing damage to the ear drums or canals.

    19. This reusable laundry egg uses natural cleaning pellets that are gentler on the skin (and the environment) than regular washing detergent. It'll last up to 210 washes – AKA a whole year's worth of washing for the average family!

    20. Aside from being unbearably cute, these tumble dryer balls will lift and separate your laundry while it dries, allowing the hot air to work more efficiently. They also help to control dryer static and have a natural fabric-softening effect.

    21. This leather balsam restorer treats and conditions old leather furniture, shoes, car seats, and more.

    22. You only need a tiny amount of this concentrated hand cream to take your skin from dry and cracked to nourished and supple. The non-greasy formula draws moisture to the skin for a hydrating effect that goes beyond the topmost layer.

    23. This lil' kettle descaler attracts limescale particles like a magnet so they won't end up in your tea! All you have to do is rinse it with water to remove debris every now and then.

    24. This microfibre cloth is specially designed to keep stainless steel surfaces squeaky clean and streak free using just water!

    25. This knife sharpener has a coarse grinder to sharpen the dullest of blades, and a fine ceramic grinder to polish them to perfection and remove any burrs. The powerful suction base also makes it very safe and easy to use.

    26. These non-stick egg poaching bags will save you lots of time and effort – and probably a fair amount of 'practise' eggs too!

    27. And the same goes for this surprisingly accurate colour-changing egg timer that'll help you get *just* the right consistency of yolk in your boiled eggs.

    28. Apply this healing overnight mask to dry, chapped lips before bed to wake up to a moisturised effect that'll last all day.

    29. Turn your home into a spa for a fraction of the cost with this face steamer. The humidity gently opens your pores so you can remove dirt and dead skin more easily.

    30. Slip this corner shelf insert into your cupboard so you can reach the plate you need without having to lift and scrape others along the way.

    31. Simply place this genius little ball in your washing machine or dish washer to remove and prevent the buildup of limescale for up to five years!

    32. And this powerful cleaning solution effectively removes limescale with just a spray and a swipe.