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    29 Cost-Effective Products To Help Give Every Room In Your Home A Lil' Upgrade

    They'll make way more of an impact on your home than your wallet!

    ✨ Kitchen ✨

    1. This sink caddy will give you a place to keep all your essential dish-washing bits neatly tucked away.

    2. You can fix these subtle LED light strips under the edges of your cabinets for some extra light where it's needed most!

    3. If you don't have a lot of space to dry your dishes, this two-tier dish drainer will be your new best friend.

    4. This mug holder rack slides neatly onto pretty much any shelf.

    5. And this cute copper-tone towel rail will fit easily over your cabinet doors .

    6. If you're after a set of surprisingly cheap, bougie-looking, and super-sharp kitchen knives, then look no further than these bad boys.

    ✨ Bathroom ✨

    7. These shower corner shelves look really sleek and will keep all your essential bits close to hand.

    8. This is *possibly* the most elegant water-draining soap dish I've ever seen.

    9. This shower squeegee has over 24,000 reviews with a 4.6-star average rating, so you know it's probably gonna do big things for your bathroom!

    10. This little stainless steel holder will *finally* give you a place to store your razor while you're in the shower.

    11. Bring a bit of fun into your bathroom with this quirky loo roll holder – it's practically pawfect!

    12. This bath pillow looks extremely bougie and will make you feel like you're in a spa – all for under a tenner!

    ✨ Living Room ✨

    13. Line the back of your TV, statement mirror, or under your shelves with these backlight LED strip lights to create the ultimate ~vibe~.

    14. Slide this organisation pocket onto the side of your sofa to make sure your essential bits and bobs are always close.

    15. These stylish blackout curtains have an insulated lining which keeps the room's temperature balanced, helping to save on energy costs!

    16. These rustic floating shelves look way more expensive than their price tag!

    17. Pet hair can make the bougiest of sofas look slightly worse for wear – use this highly-rated pet hair roller to give it a new lease of life!

    ✨ Bedroom ✨

    18. This teddy fleece duvet cover set (yes, you heard that right) will make you never want to leave your bed.

    19. This bedside shelf has a sleek and subtle design and will let you keep all your necessities conveniently close.

    20. Organise your wardrobe – and save space while you're at it – with these 'magic' hangers.

    21. This air humidifier helps to counteract the drying effects that increased use of central heating can have on your skin and hair.

    22. And these satin pillowcases don't just look extremely luxe, they'll also cause less friction (read: less damage) for your hair and skin as you sleep.

    23. These dimmable stick-on lights will help you get the Hollywood-style mirror of your dreams!

    ✨ Office ✨

    24. If you hate loose charging cables as much as I do, then you'll wonder how you ever lived without these cable tidy clips.

    25. This adjustable stand will hold your laptop or tablet at eye-level.

    26. This memory foam seat cushion helps to relieve pressure on the tailbone.

    27. This phone stand looks smart, feels sleek, and even has space to fit your charger!

    28. This desk organiser provides you with a space to neatly tuck away your keyboard.

    ✨ Outdoors ✨

    29. Okay, your front garden isn’t *technically* a room, but I had to give a special mention to these personalised wheelie bin stickers that are undoubtedly an upgrade from sloppily painting your house number on the side!