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    34 Cheap Yet Indulgent Things To Treat Yourself To Because You’re Just Swell

    Go on, you deserve it!

    1. I'm impressed with how ~luxe~ this non-slip bath pillow looks considering the price!

    2. And this bubble bath is blended with sustainably-sourced English honey, releases the indulgent scents of rose and frankincense, and will leave your skin feeling *super* soft.

    3. This selection of high-quality loose leaf black teas come in some incredibly cute Alice in Wonderland-themed tins!

    4. Not only is this super cheap peel-off charcoal mask intensely satisfying to use, it'll also leave your pores feeling squeaky clean!

    5. This botanical notebook has a lovely motivational message.

    6. Give yourself the gift of a great night's sleep thanks to this Feather & Down set that includes a calming pillow spray and a soothing body lotion.

    7. This Frida Kahlo teacup and saucer set will make you smile every time you reach for your cuppa.

    8. This lil' teabag holder is so cute (and cheap), you have no excuse not to buy it!

    9. If you've been wanting to try out Elemis' iconic Pro-Collagen cleansing balm, then why not treat yourself to this travel-sized pot?

    10. These teeny tiny elephant candles will brighten up your room in more ways than one. They're scented too!

    11. You'll get a decent amount of this sugar body scrub for the price! According to customers, it has a satisfying ~scrubby~ consistency and an uplifting citrusy scent.

    12. This shower oil is excellent for dry skin. It creates a nourishing barrier while you're still in the shower, so you won't even have to bother with moisturiser afterwards.

    13. These white hot chocolate chips are mixed with a generous helping of slightly salted mini marshmallows, making for a truly indulgent drink!

    14. These best-selling sheet masks are great for any time your skin needs a lil' pick-me-up.

    15. And I don't know what could possibly feel more indulgent than applying this face mask that's infused with collagen and 24K gold foil!

    16. This nourishing Burt's Bees Essentials gift set provides all-over hydration and is really good value for money!

    17. I can't believe this 18-piece makeup brush set is under a tenner! With a 4.6-star average rating from almost 5,000 reviews, you know they're of a high quality too.

    18. As far as pampering gift sets go, this six-piece rose-scented one looks FAR more expensive than it actually is!

    19. Store this ice roller in the freezer for a soothing effect that lasts absolutely ages! It helps to reduce puffiness and relieve migraines like a dream.

    20. These scented Yankee Candle tea lights will whisk your senses away to a tropical beach. They come in at under a quid each!

    21. This epsom and Dead Sea salt blend will fill your nighttime bath with the soothing scents of jasmine and lavender, so you'll nod off in no time.

    22. Trust me when I say you'll get a LOT of this deep repair hair mask for your money (I've been using it for months and have barely made a dent)! Just think of how many truly ~luxurious~ conditioning seshes you'll be able to give your locks!

    23. This shimmering coconut body oil is way cheaper than other similar products, but still gives a gorgeous glowy sheen to the skin.

    24. The beauty of buying this Ferrero Rocher gift box for yourself is that you won't have to share it with anybody else!

    25. This Dead Sea mud mask deeply cleans the pores, helps to clear breakouts, and just feels really luxurious to use, TBH.

    26. This ~Crème Soufflé~ body cream has a smooth whipped consistency that sinks into the skin effortlessly.

    27. I'm finding it hard to believe this deep red matte lipstick is under three quid! It's the perfect shade for your first post-lockdown night out, IMO.

    28. I can pretty much guarantee that this cute floral tumbler will be your new favourite cocktail glass!

    29. Treat your tresses to this L'Oréal Mythic hair oil. The nourishing-yet-lightweight formula contains argan, avocado, and black cumin oils to protect and repair your hair.

    30. This pink clay hot cloth cleanser comes with a gently exfoliating muslin cloth, so you can create your own bougie spa experience at home.

    31. These cherry blossom fairy lights will brighten up any spot you put them in.

    32. Apply one of these aromatherapy roller balls to your pulse points for a soothing or uplifting effect, depending on your needs.

    33. These collagen-rich under eye masks help to reduce the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness. I promise you'll feel like a million dollars while you've got them on!

    34. Finally, this dimmable moon lamp will look so cool on your bedside table.