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    47 Things Under £6 That Might Be Cheap But Are Genuinely Useful

    Don't let their price tag fool you – these are seriously handy!

    1. This lil' caddy will clip easily over your kitchen sink to keep your sponge right where you need it most.

    2. Protect, heal, and conceal your spots with these teeny acne patches that'll draw the gunk out from those pimples that are coming to a head.

    3. This hard-working balm has an impressive hydrating and repairing effect on dry, cracked lips!

    4. These kitchen scissors aren't just super sturdy, they also have a built-in bottle opener that doubles up as a nutcracker.

    5. This Sally Hansen nail treatment protects and strengthens soft, fragile nails – helping to prevent chipping, splitting, and peeling.

    6. And this super speedy nail spray promises to dry your entire manicure in as little as 60 seconds!

    7. These streamlined phone grips just make sense. Oh, and they work out as under two quid each!

    8. Use this soothing balm after you shave to help minimise ingrown hairs and prevent any rashes or bumps from forming.

    9. This convenient olive oil spray safely softens and naturally removes ear wax with minimal discomfort.

    10. You can fold this waterproof reusable shopping bag into a teeny tiny avocado!

    11. This highly-rated purple shampoo will take your dyed blonde locks from yellow and brassy to cool-toned and classy.

    12. You can save money and reduce your waste by getting these reusable silicone cupcake moulds.

    13. This mildly-medicated talcum powder relieves dry, itchy, irritated, and eczema-prone skin – customers swear it keeps the skin soft without having to use any thick, greasy creams.

    14. You'd be forgiven for thinking this water-draining soap dish is actually a fancy piece of decor!

    15. I don't know about you, but I've been almost completely braless for nearly a year now, so these reusable nipple covers are key for when I need to look ~presentable~.

    16. These reusable ice cubes will keep your drinks cool without diluting their flavour!

    17. This heat protection spray detangles your hair and fortifies the strands to protect them from future damage and split ends.

    18. These reusable straws are kinder to the environment than their disposable plastic cousins, and the silicone material is much better for sensitive teeth than metal or glass options.

    19. Stretch these silicone lids over pretty much any size of bowl or half-eaten fruit or veg to keep your food fresh, save space in your fridge, and minimise your washing up!

    20. This shampoo brush helps to work products more effectively into your hair, increasing your hair's volume and giving your scalp a proper deep clean!

    21. How utterly gorgeous is this sunflower lunch bag? It has an insulated inner lining to keep your food hot or cold – you can even use it to keep your frozen goods cool while you travel back from your weekly food shop!

    22. This refreshing sheet mask is infused with charcoal and black algae to help tighten your pores and hydrate your skin.

    23. These deeply nourishing sock masks contain argan and peppermint oils alongside shea butter to soften, soothe, and rehydrate rough skin and cracked heels.

    24. This nail polish top coat will make your nails feel as strong and indestructible as gels, PLUS it has a sort of shrink wrap technology that dries your entire mani in a matter of minutes!

    25. This stain remover solution has a handy cleaning brush attached to get rid of soils and spills in no time!

    26. These pastel-toned highlighters are gentler on the eyes than their neon counterparts. They'll add to, rather than distract from, your carefully written-out notes.

    27. These charcoal-infused nose strips will easily remove your blackheads, with *kinda* gross yet intensely satisfying results!

    28. This hand-carved wooden glasses holder doubles up as a quirky piece of decor.

    29. This bathroom cleaner contains plant-based biodegradable ingredients, has a subtle and pleasant scent, and kills 99.9% of bacteria.

    30. These multicoloured clips will seal up pretty much any bag to keep your food fresh.

    31. My shower drain was blocked for weeks, and nothing but this super strong hair unblocker could clear it. I poured the contents of both bottles down the drain, left it overnight, then rinsed it with some boiling water which ran through smoothly!

    32. These colouring books are made for adults to help reduce stress levels and inspire creativity.

    33. These personalised banners are sure to make anyone see the brighter side of a lockdown birthday!

    34. And these marble-effect balloons will add a beautifully unique decorative touch.

    35. This plug-in night light has a dusk-to-dawn photocell sensor so it'll only stay on while it's needed.

    36. Watch your little one's face light up as they see this biodegradable bath powder crackle, pop, and change colour!

    37. You know these discreet cold sore patches will come in handy in the colder months! They create a barrier to prevent further infection while the hydrocolloid technology helps the sore to heal and prevents a scab from forming.

    38. This serving platter has a cool marble effect that makes it look more expensive than it actually is!

    39. This pH-balanced shaving cream is enriched with natural ingredients like almond and argan oils, making it great for sensitive skin and intimate areas.

    40. These highly-rated bamboo gloves will make exfoliating your skin a breeze!

    41. These absorbent marble coasters don't only look impressive, they'll also mop up small spills and condensation to keep the bottom of your glass dry.

    42. This fidget cube is easy to carry around in your pocket and provides a little relief in stressful situations.

    43. This reusable travel mug has a cool retro design and will significantly reduce your single-use plastic consumption over time!

    44. This fast-absorbing beard oil is specially formulated to soften and tame the hairs without feeling greasy or heavy.

    45. These reusable silicone tops are designed to perfectly fit standard UK glass milk bottles, keeping the contents fresher for longer!

    46. This four-way buffing block will help you get smooth, shiny, manicure-ready nails in an instant.

    47. And you can make your hands equally soft and supple thanks to this nourishing hand cream that's enriched with soothing maple sap.