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    43 Cheap Things Under £6 That Are Actually Really Useful

    Bringing a whole new meaning to cheap and cheerful!

    1. This non-stick baking sheet is reusable, so you can make sweet treats without having to worry about unnecessary waste!

    2. This convenient makeup bag has a drawstring fastening, so you can see all of your products when you need them, and pack them up in one easy pull when you're done!

    3. These lil' acne patches will treat and heal your spots whilst protecting them from dirt and bacteria – the translucent material is barely visible, but will offer some coverage without having to use concealer!

    4. These silicone cupcake cases are reusable and will hold their shape much more firmly than the disposable kind!

    5. This handy pocket knife has 13 different functions – including scissors, a bottle opener, and a nail file!

    6. This stainless steel nail kit looks really sleek and professional, and has all you need to give yourself the perfect DIY pedicure.

    7. And this highly-rated foot file will effortlessly remove the hard, dry skin from your heels (it doesn't hurt, promise – just make sure you soak your feet in warm water first!)

    8. This in-shower brush will help you work shampoo into your hair more effectively – customers swear it helped to improve psoriasis and dandruff when nothing else could!

    9. This anti-ageing serum uses vitamin C alongside hyaluronic acid and retinol to help even out the skin's texture and tone.

    10. And this face oil promises to improve the skin's hydration levels and neutralise free radicals for a truly ~glowing~ complexion!

    11. Use this Gua Sha scraping tool to massage in your skincare products – it's made from 100% jade stone, feels soothing to use, and works to tighten your skin over time!

    12. This sweet almond oil is 100% natural and has SO many uses, including nourishing your nails, improving the appearance of dark circles, and encouraging your eyelashes to grow!

    13. This massage tool can be used with one, two, or three of the heads to allow for a lighter or more intense massage.

    14. These pretty ballpoint pens will always come in handy!

    15. And this customisable pen would make a fabulous (and surprisingly affordable) gift.

    16. Keeping your makeup sponge in this handy lil' holder is more hygienic than storing it on your desk or in an airtight bag.

    17. This super soft and fluffy makeup brush is surprisingly dense, so it works well with cream, powder, and liquid formulas!

    18. This ~magic~ cloth just needs a little water to effectively remove makeup – yes, even mascara. It'll be kinder to the environment and your purse strings over time!

    19. You won't need any cartilage piercings to wear these sleek sterling silver ear cuffs!

    20. You'll never get bored of these quirky hair clips – use them to make your outfit look instantly more put-together.

    21. These hairbands will give your ponytail a firm hold without tugging on your strands or leaving a dent!

    22. This wooden glasses holder also doubles up as a fun bit of homeware!

    23. This self-adhesive marble-effect wallpaper will give a new lease of life to your tabletops, walls, or pretty much any other flat surface!

    24. This toilet paper holder is backed with a very strong adhesive, so you won't have to bother with drilling any holes in the wall.

    25. And these sleek self-adhesive hooks are perfect for hanging up bathroom towels and kitchen utensils.

    26. These mini clips will do a great job of securing fairy lights to your walls.

    27. These drain snakes will make everyone's least favourite task of removing clogged-up hairs much easier – if not less gross!

    28. These safety lighters are essential if you're clumsy but enjoy a good scented candle or summer barbecue!

    29. These reusable drinking straws are much more eco-friendly than their disposable counterparts, and they're easy to wash by hand or in the dishwasher.

    30. And this stainless steel straw is collapsible and comes with a handy case, which you can fix onto your keys or pop into your pocket while you're on the go!

    31. Take your online files with you wherever you go with this convenient (and oddly pretty) USB stick.

    32. This clever wallet-sized tool has multiple handy uses, including a screwdriver, phone holder, and bottle opener!

    33. These rope hangers look WAY more expensive than they actually are!

    34. This clever microwave egg cooker means you can make poached eggs, scrambled eggs, or even a quick and easy mini omelette!

    35. And this microwave steamer has an easy-to-remove internal basket so you can steam and serve your veggies in no time!

    36. This highly-specific container will save your fridge from strong smells, and will save you time looking for your half-used onions!

    37. This thickening and lengthening mascara has almost 5,000 reviews with a 4.3-star average rating!

    38. And customers swear this lightweight concealer covers up dark circles and pigmentation without looking too heavy on the skin!

    39. This aromatherapy roller ball is infused with soothing essential oils to encourage a good night's sleep.

    40. This hand cream is perfect for extremely dry hands. It has a concentrated formula of moisturising ingredients, so you only need to use a small amount to hydrate your hands and it feels surprisingly lightweight on the skin!

    41. This mango-scented lip scrub promises to soften and hydrate the lips while buffing away any dryness.

    42. This adult colouring book will help you to release your frustrations after a testing day!

    43. And this set of pencils will complete the ~colourful~ experience.