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    26 Products That Look So Bougie It's Hard To Believe They're Actually Useful Too

    These are the very definition of pretty and practical!

    1. I am losing it over this flamingo spoon rest! Can you think of a more stylish way to protect your countertop?

    2. These teeny-tiny swan salt and pepper shakers look positively regal.

    3. This chic textured glass table lamp looks far more expensive than it actually is. It's battery-powered too, so you can display it anywhere you like!

    4. And these hanging mason jar lanterns will add a bit of ~pizzazz~ (and some much-needed cosy light) to your garden.

    5. I'm *obsessed* with the gold-tone rim and pressed-flower design on this stylish glass jewellery box.

    6. The woven wicker detail on this standing planter makes it feel really fancy.

    7. Not to be dramatic, but I would DIE for these whale-themed measuring spoons.

    8. This textured chip and dip platter is far more luxe than it has any right to be.

    9. You'll feel like you have your own lil' beauty salon thanks to this luxurious cosmetics cabinet. It'll keep your beauty bits dust-free yet close to hand!

    10. And this vintage-style portable mini fridge is fab for storing your sheet masks, facial rollers, nail polishes, and more! You can also fit up to six drinks cans in here, just FYI.

    11. This sleek black wire rack will hold your pan lids, chopping boards, and large ladles (AKA the most clutter-inducing washing-up bits) in style.

    12. This velvet vanity stool looks like it's come out of a bougie magazine shoot. It also has an ottoman design that'll conceal a surprising amount of your room's clutter!

    13. I'm finding it hard to believe that this 12-piece set of super-soft eye brushes is under a fiver!

    14. This handy cast iron hook looks (and I cannot stress this enough) like a whale's tail. It's perfect for hanging your bathroom towel on!

    15. This woven-design swing bin is far more fashionable than is required of a WC accessory.

    16. And the same goes for this rose gold-tone toilet brush set. The silicone bristles make it far easier to clean than ~bushier~ designs, and it has a space-saving streamlined shape.

    17. I'm sorry, but is this not the most ridiculously chic ice bucket you've ever seen?!

    18. This elegant wooden stand has handles to hold your cookbook open and make sure your tablet doesn't fall into your cake batter (I've been burned before).

    19. This ~magic~ rope will hold your wine bottle with a surprising amount of security! It can also be used as emergency entertainment if dinner with the in-laws isn't going *quite* as well as you'd hoped.

    20. This space-saving wine glass rack is endlessly useful and surprisingly chic.

    21. This slim sink caddy will keep your sponges and soaps dry. It has a removable drain pan, making it super easy to clean!

    22. I'm more than a little bit obsessed with these romantic rose wall hooks.

    23. I had trouble finding a stylish-looking doorstop till I came across this neutral knotted rope one!

    24. Replace your boring old doorknobs with these elegant dragonfly ones. The long tails make for excellent handles!

    25. Guests will assume you found this octopus hook rack in a bougie vintage boutique. Might I suggest putting it up in your bathroom to store loose bits and bobs on?

    26. Finally, this welcoming coat rack holds at least five items and is unreasonably stylish!