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    29 Things That Look Fancy But Are Pretty Cheap To Help You Feel Bougie On A Budget

    Including bargain buys in homeware, fashion, and beauty!

    1. If you're after an easy way to add a ~natural~ aesthetic to your home without the required green thumb, then look no further than these artificial hanging ivy plants!

    2. And they'll look great hanging from these surprisingly cheap plant pot rope hangers.

    3. This gold-tone arch mirror will transform your room into a fancy boutique for a fraction of the price you'd expect to pay!

    4. These white strappy sandals look like they could be about five times the price!

    5. A summer-friendly vest and cardigan co-ord that's pretty and affordable?! Yes please.

    6. This gingham print swing dress hits multiple summer trends in one easy-to-wear, affordable package!

    7. This natural bamboo planter has no business being as beautiful as it is, tbh.

    8. Even if these cork-lid candles didn't smell entirely delicious, they'd basically be decor pieces on their own!

    9. This soothing set by This Works will help you to create a de-stressing routine before bed so you can nod off more easily.

    10. Upgrade your summer loungewear collection with these stunning satin joggers.

    11. I don't know about you, but I'm having a hard time believing these stunning statement earrings are under three quid!

    12. Make your picnics feel more like an effortless tea party with this cute and practical palm-print picnic set. It also easily packs away into a slimline case!

    13. This white shirt has a timeless style with a surprisingly cheap price tag!

    14. These sleek taupe brushes will have all your makeup application needs covered – the bristles are silky and dense, and customers swear they've seen minimal shedding!

    15. The piping detail and puffed sleeves on this flippy dress make it look more high-end than high street!

    16. Make your bath time feel super fancy with the help of these geranium and sage bath infusers. They come in little teabag-like parcels to combine luxury and comfort in one neat package!

    17. This tie-dye maxi dress is easy to slip on when you want to look fabulous but aren't sure what to wear!

    18. Matching pyjama sets can often be quite pricey, but this summery polka dot set looks chic and is surprisingly cheap!

    19. This faded-effect pink rug looks like a posh antique shop find!

    20. Transform your bath with the help of this caddy that's both practical and pretty!

    21. The clean lines of this ribbed T-shirt will make any outfit look more expensive – oh, and it's under a tenner!

    22. This rustic wooden side table looks WAY more expensive than it actually is!

    23. This animal print maxi dress takes a classic style and gives it an on-trend twist.

    24. And these cat eye sunglasses will add a touch of '50s Hollywood glam to any outfit you pair them with!

    25. This minimalist and pretty body brush has an easy-grip handle and dense bristles to exfoliate your skin with minimal effort. Alongside being effective, it'll also add to your bathroom's ~aesthetic~.

    26. These floral string lights will make your room look more fancy with minimal effort and expense!

    27. The natural tones of these satin scrunchies give them a truly ~luxe~ look!

    28. These classic cufflinks can be personalised with your initials and they're surprisingly affordable!

    29. And finally, this daisy chain pendant is cheap, cheerful, and will be sure to outlast its naturally-sourced counterpart!