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    56 Of The Best Products Under A Tenner I Found After Going Through Amazon With A Fine-Tooth Comb

    So you don't have to any of the hard browsing work yourself!

    1. I'm finding it hard to believe this colourful striped rug costs less than eight Great British pounds but here we are.

    2. This hyaluronic acid serum is one of the most affordable out there and hands down the most effective formula I've used! It provides an extra layer of hydration under moisturisers, making your skin look dewy, NOT greasy!

    3. Dine in style thanks to this gorgeous gold-tone cutlery set.

    4. It's a good idea to have some Monin syrups around for any impromptu cocktail nights. This set of five syrups includes everything you need to create your concoctions!

    5. If you're constantly struggling with your windshield fogging up while you drive, you might want to give this dehumidifier bag a try. It absorbs excess moisture to keep the glass clear, and you can 'reset' it by heating it in the microwave so it can be used again and again!

    6. And to tackle the damp in your home this winter, there's these lil' dehumidifier boxes that absorb any excess moisture in the air. Each one will last you between 4-6 weeks, just pop them in your most condensation-prone areas like near windows and in your bathroom.

    7. My colleague Amy has been loving The Ordinary's glow-inducing Serum foundation, and I added it to my own basket as soon as I heard her rave review (and saw its under-a-tenner price!).

    8. If you always have more than one book on the go at any given time then you'll appreciate these handmade leather heart bookmarks.

    9. This mini terracotta planter is everything your plant baby ever wanted in a home.

    10. This niacinamide serum targets breakouts and helps to minimise the appearance of large pores (and all for around the same price as a supermarket meal deal!).

    11. I don't know about you, but I'm immediately picking up this mini ice tray! It makes tiny little cubes that'll take your DIY iced lattes from basic to barista-level bougie.

    12. I'd believe you if you told me this round decorative tray was five times its actual price!

    13. I don't know about you, but flitting between cold weather outside and central heating indoors always makes my split ends act up. Luckily this No Haircut cream really lives up to its name! It keeps my lengths looking full and healthy for ages and even offers heat protection.

    14. And if you have fine-yet-tangle-prone hair then you'll be delighted to know this Wonder Water exists! It'll smoothen your locks without weighing them down.

    15. This wooden flower press is such a cute and unique way to store your favourite meaningful blooms!

    16. The petals of these beautifully-crafted roses turn into lil' bars of soap when you pop them into your bath for a bit of 'me' time.

    17. And this large amber and rose scented candle will make another excellent addition to your pamper sesh.

    18. Can we please take a moment to appreciate this utterly adorable sloth bookmark? It'll hold the pages of your book open while you read!

    19. My secret weapon for keeping my nails strong and manicures looking great throughout the unforgiving winter is this Seche Vite Fast Dry top coat. It prevents my mani (and the nails underneath) from chipping for at least two weeks at a time!

    20. The skin around my nails is drier than usual when the weather's cold, making my manis look slapdash at best! Luckily this cuticle remover gel painlessly dissolves any excess skin in seconds, leaving my nails looking fresh and tidy.

    21. This Bob Ross paint by numbers kit is so soothing to complete AND an absolute bargain!

    22. This Q10 antioxidant serum protects and hydrates the skin and targets signs of ageing.

    23. This easy-to-use eyebrow dye kit will save you LOADS of money in the long run (especially considering it's just over a fiver!).

    24. These wooden-handled cheese knives are almost unreasonably cute.

    25. This expanding document file is practical, affordable, and shopping expert-approved!

    26. This surprisingly cheap toilet brush and holder set features flexible silicone bristles that are easy to keep clean and won't scratch the ceramic!

    27. Swap your sticky hand sanitiser gel with this fine antibacterial spray from Sanctuary! It dries pretty much instantly, so you won't have to spend ages doing the hand flap dance (you know the one I'm on about).

    28. This hand cream gift set has absolutely no right looking so downright adorable.

    29. Treat your toes to these gross-yet-satisfying foot peeling masks (it's the perfect time to prep for sandal season after all!).

    30. These self-adhesive hooks will come in so handy for hanging loose bits up in your bathroom or kitchen.

    31. And this cloud-shaped magnet is also self-adhesive, making it super easy to install. It's the perfect place to store your keys!

    32. These handmade aromatherapy shower steamers basically work like bath bombs for people who don't have a tub!

    33. I am losing it over these (kinda chic?) deep red LEGO keyrings. They look pretty subtle on their own but then click together to form a heart!

    34. Oh, and I just thought you'd like to know that you can personalise this mini figure to look like you and feature your name on the front – and all for under £10, NBD.

    35. I'm patiently waiting to finish my current eye cream so I can try out this cult-status Caffeine eye cream for myself!

    36. Hello, hi. I just thought you'd like to know this stunning macramé hanging shelf is only £7.15.

    37. These matte liquid lipsticks come in a variety of wearable shades and are just over a quid each!

    38. I'm *obsessed* with these glass straws. They're far more comfortable to drink from than metal or silicone ones, IMO.

    39. These teeny tiny silicone snails will hold your teabag and your heart.

    40. These miniature cactus tea lights are *almost* too gorgeous to burn.

    41. I love the chic marble design of this affordable notebook.

    42. Just imagine your fave small decorative pieces sitting in their new home (AKA this adorable shelving system). It comes in plain wood so you can decorate it how you like!

    43. With a 4.5-star rating from over 43,000 reviews, this pigmented-yet-lightweight Maybelline concealer is worth checking out!

    44. I can pretty much guarantee all your guests will demand to know where you got this quirky glasses stand from.

    45. This jade roller and gua sha set will help your skin feel tighter and more ~glowy~.

    46. I couldn't put this hilariously sharp book down throughout my holiday. It's the perfect beach read if you're off for some winter sun AND it's well under a fiver!

    47. Speaking of winter sun, if you're off somewhere tropical you'll get so much use out of this Piz Buin tan-intensifying after sun lotion. It's incredibly soothing, helped my tan to last *ages* last summer, and just LOOK at the overnight effects on my sunburn!

    48. Feel luxurious for less thanks to this ultra-nourishing Seoulista Wonderberry sheet mask!

    49. This mini silicone spatula set is genius. They allow you to get every. Last. Drop of liquid out of fiddly jam jars and foundation bottles!

    50. Speaking of small and useful tools, these eyebrow razors will help you get the most *precise* arch, and they're also great for dermaplaning!

    51. Give your lashes a little extra ~oomph~ thanks to these individual cluster lashes! Customers say they feel lightweight and look really natural.

    52. This all-purpose cleaner spray is made using plant-based ingredients and (most importantly) smells of peach blossom.

    53. This reusable shopping bag folds up into a cute lil' blue bird!

    54. This round stick-on mirror is an excellent way to spruce up a plain wall. I can't quite believe this one is under £6!

    55. Treat a loved one (or even better, yourself) to this huge box of Fererro Rocher chocolates.

    56. Finally, these silicone baking cups are far kinder to the environment than disposable ones.