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    30 New And Trending Drops We Simply Have To Tell You About

    Including loads of great giftable bits!

    1. Tada & Toy's new collection in collaboration with Lizzi Hadfield is utterly stunning.

    2. Pott'd's pottery kits will keep you busy without a screen for hours.

    3. DAI make high-quality, sustainable work wear that isn't just gorgeous but so incredibly comfy, you could probably do a yoga class in them. I'm obsessed with their knitwear pieces for winter!

    4. Domino's have added spicy sausage loaded wedges and pizzas to their menu (you're welcome).

    5. Oh, and they have a brand spanking new festive menu too (think turkey and cranberry-laden pizza and melty choc orange cookies).

    6. If you're after a thoughtful gift for someone who's going through a tough time, you should check out Jellyhead's offering! This small business makes cute and fun notepads to help relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression.

    7. If you'll be in London on the 3rd and 4th December, The Beauty Beat is a festival you won't want to miss!

    8. Three words: Taskmaster board game.

    9. KAYALI by Mona Kattan have just released their latest launch: Vanilla Royale Sugared Patchouli.

    10. Russell & Atwell's chilled chocolate has been an absolute revelation.

    11. Klarna's new search and compare tool is a game changer when it comes to finding the best deals over the festive period!

    12. If you love Irish cream liqueur, Coole Swan's velvety-smooth, whiskey and Belgian white chocolate-infused one is the best I've tried.

    13. I didn't realise I could get so excited about an underwear brand, but I recently discovered Underdays so here we are.

    14. Want to look luxe for less? Cocoon Club allows you to rent the most coveted designer handbags for the price of your daily cup of coffee!

    15. Sick of regular (read: boring) chocolate advent calendars? This Master of Malt whiskey one will help to keep your spirits high (sorry).

    16. Or try this deliciously sweet marshmallow advent calendar that I reckon I'll be nabbing every year.

    17. If you're struggling to get your head around your finances, then check out the Your Juno app, which is designed to help women and non-binary people become financially independent.

    18. This pre-lit artificial Christmas tree from Haye's Garden will last us for years, and it means we won't have to untangle metres of fairy light cord every festive season.

    19. Hylo's chic new RUN trainers deliver high performance for runners with minimal cost to the planet!

    20. Sorry, but how genius is this Kobotix VR set that lets the user see from the POV of the remote-control car's camera?

    21. If you're after an incredibly luxe (and effective) skincare gift, look no further than VERSO's new Super Elixir!

    22. This long, down-filled coat from Columbia has become my winter walking go-to.

    23. I'm more than a little obsessed with these Sara Miller shower fizzers!

    24. Vegans and coffee lovers alike, rejoice: W A V E has opened a new cafe in Stoke Newington.

    25. Looking for a noticeable but not too 'done' skin refresh? I headed to INJECTUAL's brand-spanking new Notting Hill clinic for Profhilo and Nucelofill under-eye treatments and have had multiple "have you changed your skincare routine?" questions since. I wake up every morning looking like I've slept a full eight hours (and trust me, with The Crown's new season out, I almost never have).

    26. Let's be honest, the World Cup can stress you out just as much as it excites you! Not to worry though, as Deliveroo have created a new calming brew for those tense moments: aptly-named, PenalTea.

    27. Take yourself to ProCook for some seriously impressive cookware (and/or the best wholesome evening out you've had in ages).

    28. Sakura's Japanese snack boxes are an incredible way to try some new flavours.

    29. Beefeater's rhubarb and cranberry flavoured gin is sure to be a festive hit.

    30. British Black-owned brand March Muses create diverse decorations for Christmas, just like this Pops Grande one.