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    17 Beauty Tools That Are Perfect For Pampering Yourself At Home

    Now's the best time to get started on that 10-step beauty regime!

    1. This jade roller is made from 100% natural rose quartz, to help tighten your skin over time and give it a ~glowing~ appearance almost instantly!

    2. And this jade Gua Sha tool is perfect for massaging serums and oils into your skin – the unique shape helps to sculpt and tighten the skin as it works the product in.

    3. These eyebrow razors can also be used for dermaplaning, if regular exfoliators just don't cut it for you.

    4. I might as well rename this makeup brush cleansing palette Mary Poppins 'cause it will turn a chore into a fun game!

    5. This body brush will give your skin a proper, ~deep~ exfoliation and help to make you feel more energised!

    6. Make at-home massages SO much easier with this 'thumb-saving' massage tool.

    7. This shampoo brush helps to properly work products into your hair while also caring for your scalp.

    8. This eco-friendly Wet Brush glides through tangles like a dream and – most importantly – is shaped like a leaf!

    9. And this hair-drying turban is infused with argan oil to keep your locks shiny and flyaway-free!

    10. This mask applicator will help to keep your face masks hygienic and, more importantly, promotes a truly bougie pamper experience!

    11. This foot file kit has all the tools you need to recreate a pedicure at home.

    12. And this petite powerhouse of a nail dryer will complete the salon experience!

    13. This facial steamer will help to open up your pores so you can recreate a fancy spa experience in the comfort of your own home!

    14. And with this blackhead remover vacuum, you can get your DIY facial to salon-worthy standards!

    15. This derma roller uses teeny tiny needles to fast-track your skin's natural healing process and make it feel brand new!

    16. Giving your skin a proper cleanse is still important even if you're not wearing makeup throughout the day, and that's where this cleansing facial brush comes in!

    17. And finally, this heating and cooling eye mask will help you to properly relax!