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    I Shop Online For A Living And These 23 Beauty Products Have Seriously Impressed Me Lately

    I either already have these products, or they're going into my basket as we speak.

    1. This fast-acting liquid exfoliant is tough on breakouts but gentle on the skin!

    2. This 100%-natural ~miraculous~ oil can be used to improve the pre and post hair-removal process.

    3. This antibacterial hand sanitiser spray goes against every qualm I have with regular gel-based hand sanitisers!

    4. This genius cuticle removal gel softens and safely dissolves your cuticles in under a minute!

    5. I have naturally wavy hair, but sometimes it simply refuses to cooperate! So I am seriously considering getting this rather affordable and easy-to-use waving wand for days when my locks need some extra ~oomph~.

    6. After using the same brand of loofah for years (on rotation, obvs), I decided to give these ones a try to shake things up a bit.

    7. This lash lift kit worked wonders on my longish-but-disappointingly-straight eyelashes.

    8. I recently realised that I should probably incorporate an eye cream into my skincare routine, so I went for this highly-rated vitamin E-infused one.

    9. And if you're after a more targeted under eye treatment, customers swear by this super affordable anti-ageing eye cream.

    10. I'm used to getting my teeth whitened, and have come to accept the extreme sensitivity that often comes with it. So when I came across these teeth whitening strips that contain zero peroxide, I was intrigued to say the least!

    11. This high-quality eyebrow razor will help you achieve the perfect arch in seconds, and it's a great dermaplaning tool to painlessly remove dead skin and fine hair from your face.

    12. This hair dryer uses ionic particles to condition your hair while it dries!

    13. This LED nail lamp is great if you love to do gel manicures at home.

    14. I get extremely dry, cracked skin on my hands in the winter, so am excited to try out this deeply hydrating cream once the weather turns properly cold.

    15. I own this vitamin C serum myself and can confirm that it's popular for a reason!

    16. I was so impressed with this brand's effective – yet surprisingly affordable – formulas that I bought this retinol serum to mix together with the vitamin C one.

    17. Next on my list to try is this affordable hyaluronic acid serum.

    18. This was my go-to volumising mascara years ago and now I'm wondering why I ever stopped using it!

    19. These reusable makeup remover pads are kind to the environment and your skin.

    20. This hydrating sheet mask is a fabulous lil' pick-me-up for tired skin.

    21. This pore-refining soap is specially formulated with salicylic acid which unclogs congested pores, helping to treat and prevent breakouts.

    22. This eyelash growth serum might be cheap, but it has a powerful conditioning formula that promises to strengthen and thicken your natural lashes over time.

    23. Finally, this lightweight hair mask is great if your hair is quite damaged, but not necessarily dry.