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    26 Baby Gifts That Are Actually More Of A Treat For Their Parents

    Including a cuddly sleep aid that helps the adults get enough kip too!

    1. First thing's first, this DIY kit will let them capture and frame their little one's feet and hands while they're still adorably small.

    2. This cool night light projects a star and moon pattern to create a soothing vibe for both baby and parent!

    3. This baby bath set includes all-natural and hypoallergenic products – they come in a sweet keepsake box that the parents can fill with memories.

    4. If this leopard print onesie came in adult sizes I'd be tempted to buy one myself – it's lightweight yet warm, and almost unreasonably stylish!

    5. And the same goes for this super sweet hooded puffer jacket that'll make bubba look like a tiny bear!

    6. The joy of seeing their baby snuggled up with this sweet comfort blanket will be hard to beat.

    7. If your pal is still expecting their bundle of joy, they can slip this inkless print kit into their hospital bag to capture their first keepsake with minimal mess!

    8. They'll have so much fun writing in this book of letters to their little one, who can then read them when they're old enough to properly appreciate the sentiment!

    9. This adorable sleep aid releases soothing sounds to help restless babies nod off. It even has a cry sensor that turns it on automatically, meaning the parents will get a better night's sleep too!

    10. Parents with more of a ~minimalistic~ style will love this linen mushroom rattle just as much as their little one does!

    11. This silicone teething necklace doubles up as a lovely piece of statement jewellery!

    12. And this popular teething giraffe is made from natural rubber, is easy to grip, and has patterns that provide visual stimulation to keep the lil' one entertained for ages!

    13. Parents can cherish these personalised building blocks that'll look so adorable in the nursery!

    14. And they can fill this journal with wholesome pictures, drawings, and memories of their baby's first Christmas.

    15. This five-piece Winnie the Pooh gift set is almost aggressively adorable.

    16. Parents will love reading their little one this Where's Spot? book that'll take them way back to their own childhood!

    17. And the interactive finger puppet element of this equally nostalgic book will probably be just as much fun for the adult as the baby!

    18. This personalised wooden train is so beautiful, it basically doubles up as decor!

    19. This baby towel – and I cannot express this enough – has an elephant-shaped hood!

    20. You can make them a lil' baby Christmas hamper with this multi-use nappy basket as the base!

    21. And this handy baby bedtime bath gift set will fill up their hamper nicely!

    22. I'm sure both baby and parents will be satisfied with these cosy and complimentary socks.

    23. I'm sorry, but how incredibly adorable is this fleece travel wrap that'll make them look like an actual little star?

    24. This natural bamboo feeding plate has a suction grip on the bottom to avoid any spills and flips.

    25. This baby bath with a built-in seat and soft headrest will make bath time a breeze for new parents.

    26. Finally, the whole family will have fun tracking their lil' one's growth with this monthly milestone blanket that's perfect for DIY photoshoots.