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    47 Autumnal Things Under £5 To Help You Settle Into The Cosiest Season Of The Year

    If I close my eyes, I can *almost* smell the pumpkin spice.

    1. Show your appreciation for the season with this rustic-looking burlap banner.

    2. This hand-crocheted cup cosy will keep your hands and your cuppa warm!

    3. Does this maple leaf fairy light garland make anybody else just want to curl up in a blanket with a good book?

    4. Speaking of which, let's take a moment to appreciate the cuteness overload that is this curled-up cat corner bookmark.

    5. Let your ~creative~ side loose with this autumnal colouring book (the use of seasonal brown and green shades are optional, but encouraged).

    6. This leaf-shaped cookie cutter will make your famous seasonal biscuits really look the part.

    7. And this bat-shaped cookie cutter will be *kinda* crucial come Halloween!

    8. Add this leaf-print table runner to your dining table for a subtle change to your decor that'll make a huge impact.

    9. How beautiful are these marbled handmade soy wax melts? They come in lovely, autumnal tones.

    10. Simply squeeze this handmade pouch to release the soothing scent of lavender – you can keep it in your wardrobe or near your pillow to help you sleep.

    11. These leafy decals cling – rather than stick – onto smooth surfaces, making them super easy to move around.

    12. These cream fluffy socks are surprisingly stylish and, let's be honest, they'll be all-too necessary very soon!

    13. This subtle print understands the general consensus of how we're going into the next few months.

    14. These wired fairy lights are battery-operated, so you can create a cosy glow pretty much anywhere!

    15. This marble-effect coaster has a high-gloss finish, a non-slip cork backing, and looks like pure art.

    16. I don't know about you, but I'm having a hard time believing this fancy AF handheld mirror is under two quid!

    17. This liquid lipstick has a long lasting formula, a comfort matte finish, and is the perfect autumnal shade, IMO!

    18. This deep plum nail polish is giving me serious witchy vibes and I'm very much here for it!

    19. This refillable faux leather notebook looks more expensive than it actually is.

    20. This quirky bookmark also doubles up as a letter opener!

    21. This autumnal wreath is surprisingly cheap, and is packed full of rich, warm shades!

    22. Mix a few drops of this essential oil blend into your diffuser, massage oil, or bubble bath to add a sweet and spicy scent.

    23. Swap out your decorative green ivy garland for this cute seasonal one!

    24. Add an extra spot of cosy lighting with this stylish iron wall lamp – it'll look great with a retro Edison bulb!

    25. This tie-dye fluffy hot water bottle is way more stylish than it has any right to be!

    26. You can decorate your phone case, photo albums, and notebooks with these lil' leafy stickers.

    27. This handmade leather-bound notebook looks really rustic and will fit in your pocket!

    28. These vintage-style recycled sheets of paper are great if you want to get into letter writing.

    29. You can pop them into these rustic-looking envelopes to add to the vintage aesthetic.

    30. And seal the deal with this cute daisy wax stamp!

    31. This beautiful coin purse is ideal for small pieces of makeup and other beauty bits.

    32. This pretty lace-trimmed ribbon is great for decorating jars and tying up bits and bobs around the house.

    33. These notepaper stickers have a vintage-goth aesthetic.

    34. This tea light holder will add a cosy, woodsy vibe to your home.

    35. The intricate detail on this swallow brooch will make you shocked to learn its actual price!

    36. This woven-design shoulder strap will add a ~unique~ flair to your DSLR camera.

    37. This vintage Vogue cover print will add a touch of elegance to any room you put it in.

    38. You definitely won't need ~space~ from these stunning asymmetrical earrings.

    39. Customers say this leather card holder is of a really high quality – and it's under a fiver!

    40. This pumpkin spice soy candle will fill your room with the signature scent of the season!

    41. This pumpkin-printed bunting is great for adding an autumnal vibe to your decor.

    42. These adorable self-inking stamps will help to keep the lil' ones entertained.

    43. These Halloween-themed wax melts have ~spooky~ (yet yummy) scents like Caramel Apple, Witches' Brew, and Pumpkin Crunch Cake!

    44. Give your plain pieces of furniture a new lease of life by customising them with this pretty floral fabric.

    45. This cute and compact hand sanitiser is enriched with vitamin E, for a nourishing effect that'll be crucial as the weather gets colder!

    46. This olive green pillar candle has a 95-hour burn time and will add a quirky, rustic touch to any corner it's displayed in.

    47. Finally, these cosy hanging tea light holders are pretty and useful!