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    19 Things To Up Your At-Home Beauty Routine Now That You Probably Have More Time On Your Hands

    No more "I guess I'll use a face wipe."

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    1. First thing's first, a good facial is an essential part of any at-home pamper session – this sheet mask will help to restore oil and moisture balance to your skin.


    It might look scary but it feels amazing on the skin! Simply pop it on for 15-20 minutes, and massage the excess liquid into your face and neck afterwards for extra beauty brownie points!

    Price: £5.20

    2. And if you're after a bit more of a ~deep~ clean for your skin, you can use this clay mask trio.


    They're infused with eucalyptus, red algae, and charcoal respectively to purify, brighten, and draw out impurities from the skin. You can use them to target the unique skin concerns on the different parts of your face – basically, think of these as a satisfying detox for your skin!

    Price: £7.49 for a set of three.

    3. These all-natural eye masks use actual gold powder to give your under eyes the luxe treatment they deserve!

    Cult Beauty

    These aren't just a pretty face – they're infused with collagen, retinol, and hyaluronic acid which have an instant hydrating and de-puffing effect!

    Price: £4.00 each or £18.00 for a pack of five.

    4. If you're not leaving the house for a while, now's kind of the perfect time to use this gross-yet-satisfying peeling foot mask!


    It uses natural botanical extracts to gently break down the rough and coarse skin on your feet over the course of seven days – while they might look a bit off-putting for a couple of days, your feet will feel baby-soft by the end!

    Price: £8.00 for a pair.

    5. And it's a good idea to get the blood circulation going with this dry body brush, which has soft-yet-firm bristles and rubber studs to soften and massage your skin.

    Oliver Bonas

    If you're working from home, you're probably not moving around as much as you would usually. At-home exercise routines are a great way to counteract this – and so is this body brush, which you can use for a couple of minutes each morning before you shower. Brush upwards in quick strokes - working your way up from your feet towards your heart - for a refreshing wake-up call (and softer skin over time!)

    Price: £9.50

    6. Use this cult classic Brazilian Bum Bum Cream daily anywhere that you need a bit of a lift!

    Feel Unique

    Contrary to what you might think, this stuff is not just for your derrière – it contains natural guaraná extract to smooth, tighten, and hydrate the skin over your entire body. It smells delicious - like pistachios and salted caramel - and will make your skin glow as though you've just returned from a two-week stay in Rio!

    Price: £18.00

    7. It's still important to cleanse your face, even if you're not wearing much makeup right now – this facial cleanser will leave your skin feeling ~fresh~ and hydrated!

    Cult Beauty

    It's still important to keep cleaning your skin daily, even if you usually depend on removing your makeup at the end of the day to give your skin a proper scrub-down! This cleanser is infused with soy proteins, rose water, and cucumber extract to nourish and hydrate the skin, so it's perfect for if your skin is super sensitive.

    Price: £11.50

    8. And work your skincare in properly with this charcoal-infused konjac sponge.

    Oliver Bonas

    It works to gently remove the daily buildup of dirt and dead skin from the skin's surface – you can use it to work in cleansers, gently exfoliate your skin, and remove face masks more effectively! The charcoal acts as a natural antioxidant to kill acne-causing bacteria, absorb excess oil, and give your pores a deep clean. This clever sponge also has a handy hook to store and dry it hygienically!

    Price: £8.50

    9. Start using this hyaluronic acid serum now for plumping, hydrating, and glow-inducing effects for your skin over time!

    Feel Unique

    This hero ingredient attracts moisture particles from the air like a sponge to keep your skin plump and hydrated (but not greasy!) Use a few drops of this before your other skincare in the morning and evening for fresh and glowing skin!

    Price: £5.90

    10. Use this soothing jade roller to help work in your nighttime moisturisers and serums.


    I have one myself and use it most evenings as the last step in my skincare routine – with regular use it has helped to tighten my skin and improve its texture, I can feel my moisturiser literally sinking into my skin, and I wake up with a ~glowing~ complexion in the morning! Top tip: store it in the fridge for an even more soothing effect.

    Price: £15.00

    11. Fitting some exercise into your day is crucial for getting the blood circulation going and this will translate to your skin over time! Use these yoga cards for 30 minutes each day for an easy and fun way to get moving!

    Oliver Bonas

    Whether you're a seasoned yogi or a complete beginner, these cards are super easy to use! Mix them up so that you get a brand new workout every time.

    Price: £5.00

    12. You can incorporate this derma roller into your routine, if you want to give your skin and hair a new lease of life.

    Amazon / Via

    It works by creating tiny pinpricks in the treated area of skin to fast-track the healing process in that place – so it will help to reduce the appearance of fine lines, encourage new hairs to grow in thinning areas, and also help products to sink in to your skin better!

    Price: £3.99

    13. You can give your hair a bit of TLC with this iconic Coco & Eve Like a Virgin hair mask.

    Cult Beauty

    The formula uses raw virgin coconuts to strengthen and repair damaged strands, and fig and shea butter work to hydrate and detangle your hair. This stuff will transform your tresses in as little as 10 minutes – but you can always leave it on for longer to leave your locks feeling intensely nourished and smelling great!

    Price: £15.90

    14. May I introduce you to this fabulous ~elixir~ that's like a hangover cure for your hair and has the cutest packaging I've ever seen?!


    It's formulated with organic oils, extracts, and its special ingredient of Irish whisky to promote strength! It uses high-quality oils like coconut and soy, which work to lock in the natural proteins, and effectively hydrate the strands from ~within~ to heal and nourish damaged hair.

    Price: £30.00

    15. This amazing lash serum is worth the investment – it promises to help to make your lashes longer and thicker in as little as two weeks!

    Harvey Nichols

    It works to strengthen the roots of your natural lashes - so they won't fall out as easily - which means the lash line looks fuller, and the individual lashes become longer and thicker over time!

    Price: £50.00

    16. Make your DIY manicure look like a professional one with this chip-resistant top coat.

    Amazon / Via, Valeza Bakolli / BuzzFeed

    It has a fast-drying formula which you can paint straight onto wet nails, so you won't have to wait around for ages for your manicure to dry, and the long-lasting super shiny finish will make you feel like you got your mani done at the salon!

    Price: £6.30

    17. Now's probably a good time to clean your makeup brushes – this cleansing palette will make the process a breeze!


    You can slip the ergonomically-designed palette easily over your hand – the multiple ridges will give your brushes a deeper clean than your palm alone! Use it with some brush cleaning gel or just plain old baby shampoo to leave them clean and smelling great.

    Price: £12.99

    18. These bath salts are infused with charcoal to draw out impurities while you kick back and relax.


    It comes with the cutest lil' scoop there ever was, and the natural bamboo scent will whisk you away to the jungle – even if you're spending most of your time indoors right now!

    Price: £5.00

    19. And finally, these bubble bath bars will deeply nourish and hydrate your skin.

    Oliver Bonas

    Break off a bit and crumble it under running water to create pretty pink bubbles – the smell of mango and coconut will transport you to a tropical paradise for a truly luxe pamper session and they're packed with natural butters and oils to lock in moisture and heal the skin!

    Price: £6.00 for a set of eight bars.