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    19 Amazon Activewear Bits Under £25 That We Can't Stop Wearing Recently

    From yoga-friendly jumpsuits to unbelievably comfy co-ords.

    Hi, we're Valeza, Jess, and Amy! We love fashion and literally shop on Amazon for a living, so naturally we've come across some gems that we wanted to try out for ourselves.

    We've decided to dedicate more time to fitness this year, and have heard incredible things about Amazon's activewear, so we thought we'd pick some bits out to see how they feel and look IRL. Here's what we thought...

    ✨ Valeza's picks ✨

    1. These leggings are hands down the comfiest and most flattering pair I own. I loved them so much, I ended up buying them in two colours!

    2. And I also bought two colours of this sports crop top – which is so gorgeous I’d even wear it out on a regular day!

    3. I’d been on the lookout for a good jumpsuit that I could use for yoga as well as casual dressing, and this dark brown one fit the bill.

    4. I’ve been looking for a comfortable pair of yoga flares for the longest time, so I was thrilled to stumble across these affordable-yet-super-high-quality ones on Amazon!

    5. Of course I had to get the matching yoga bra to complete the set.

    6. I was so impressed with the quality of this long sleeved running top

    7. …so much so that I also got it in cream!

    8. These leggings have pockets(!) so I can store my phone and keys safely while out running.

    9. And when they're in the wash I use this running belt to firmly hold all my valuables.

    10. And if you’re after the *perfect* affordable gym bag, I think I’ve just found it!

    ✨ Jess' picks ✨

    11. When I saw the price tag on these super soft joggers, let me tell you that I ran to the checkout.

    12. I've barely taken off these high-waisted navy blue leggings since I got them.

    13. And I've also been wearing the surprisingly supportive matching workout crop top.

    14. I also opted for this sweatshirt, which I sized up in for a more slouchy fit.

    15. Then I just had to nab the matching joggers because who doesn't want an outfit that's an absolute no-brainer to put on everyday?

    ✨ Amy's picks ✨

    16. NGL, I was a bit unsure that these yoga shorts would suit me (I've had some traumatic experiences with constantly-slipping pairs before). After trying them, though, I use them about three days a week.

    17. Turns out buying some great sports bras actually did make me go to the gym more, despite my doubts.

    18. My New Year's resolution to work out more was losing out to my complete lack of willingness to change clothes after a long day at work. Thankfully, this versatile pair of sweat-wicking T-shirts look as good in the office as they do in the gym!

    19. Speaking of, my favourite gym classes are all very sweaty (have you noticed from the perspiration-slicked hair in all my photos?) – so it makes sense to order a backup pair of shorts, like these cosy jersey ones.