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17 Reasons Laundry Service Should Hire Me

Because is any other candidate REALLY creating such compelling reasons?

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1. I have extensive experience and interest in social/digital media


I've created campaigns and managed social sites for the VH1 Save The Music Foundation, Process Safety and Reliability Group, Mary Duffy, and more. I am experienced in copy writing and strategic thinking, initiated digital marketing campaigns, and much, much more.


2. I constantly monitor industry trends and news


I never miss a beat on new social and digital media developments, platforms, tools, and techniques. I live to learn. And isn't that why your clients choose you?

3. I'm creative and have a fantastic sense of humor


Saying you have a fantastic sense of humor is about as bad at laughing at your own jokes. Sorry I'm not sorry. But don't you want a confident Community Manager, with thoughtful - yet interesting - content and creativity?

4. I love technology and admire innovation


This means I'll be finding the newest ways to engage your clients and their existing audience, reach new users, and consistently find new ways to exceed their greatest expectations.

5. I'm not afraid to take chances and try new approaches


This is a "risky business" that is built by people who aren't afraid of challenges, who aren't afraid of growth and trying new things. Without the ability to adapt, and test a new platform, or try a new approach then you might as well not even try.


6. I have excellent communication skills - written, verbal, oral, interpersonal, online, & offline

I'm also great at problem solving, quick thinking, and multi-tasking. I learn and adapt quickly. I give and take direction well, I work well on a team and individually. I multitask efficiently and I always make my deadlines. #HumbleBrag

7. I know a thing or two about combining traditional with digital

I also know the importance of connecting the online world to the offline world, which is what brands and your clients are ultimately looking for. A community manager knows how to harness the offline approach to the online world to seamlessly connect the two in order to make a more active and connected community.

8. I'm a self-starter and a go-getter


I also understand how and when to be proactive. I will use these skills in the quick-paced environment of Laundry Service to reach goals and meet objectives, all in a day's work.

9. At Laundry Service, you understand the key elements needed to create a successful digital presence.


It's one thing to be on Facebook and Twitter, but it's another to utilize the right social media platforms for the right purpose, in order to reach the most beneficial target audience, in a timely manner - all of which produces a higher ROI for the client. As they say: If your client is happy, you're all happy. (That's totally a saying, right?)


10. I've worked on some really cool social media campaigns

Like the VH1 Save The Music Foundation 2013 Ambassador Launch, which garnered over 11 million Twitter impressions in less than 24 hours. I've also grown various social media sites more than 70% in 3 months, as well as outlined proposals and strategic plans on the most effective way to launch new social media platforms and campaigns for BrandStories and Demetriad Studios.

11. I know the answer to the oldest question in the universe, the only question that has ever mattered


But really, I know when to ask questions - the right questions. I know how (and love) to work in client facing roles, as well as provide excellent client and customer support. But, sorry, I can never tell you Doctor Who.


15. I enjoy bringing joy to other people & touching their lives in a unique way

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For me, that is what I achieve through creative digital and marketing campaigns, or fun and creative content management, or even through customer interactions... and, you know, other projects...

16. Penguins are my favorite


Random? Not so! They are fiercely loyal, loving, incredibly social, community focused, and never let that whole "only birds who can't fly" thing hold them back in life. Some pretty great qualities, and cute, too!

17. But mostly... Because together we can do it all


We can provide the best "laundry cycles" for your clients' communities. We can work together to create better, more creative, and engaging social content on the right platforms, reaching the right audience, every time.

Thank you for your time - I look forward to chatting soon!

For more information and examples of the work I have done, please visit my website and my portfolio, or give me a shout at

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