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    20 Non-Rich People Habits I've Experienced That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re Not The Only One

    For my non-rich people, I bring you a list that you’re probably going to find hard not to relate to.

    1. Filling the shampoo bottle with water to make it last longer.

    close-up of a shampoo bottle and loofahs in a shower caddy

    2. Cutting open the toothpaste tube to get the last bit out of it.

    scissors cutting open a tube of toothpaste

    3. Gluing your shoes with superglue when they started falling apart.

    4. Saving all food cans and bottles to give them another use later.

    5. In the time of paying-per-minute, calling someone and hang up immediately so they have to call you back.

    6. Fixing old flip-flops when they break.

    broken flip flop held together with a zip tie

    7. Using napkins when the toilet paper is over.

    napkins on a wooden table

    8. Putting the remains of the bar soap together to form a new one.

    9. Keeping the little packages of condiments that come with fast food to use later.

    bowl of ketchup packets

    10. Taking home the extra shampoos, hand cream and soap from hotels.

    mini hotel shampoo and lotion bottles on a counter

    11. Going to makeup stores to get a free full face of makeup before going out.

    woman applying eyeshadow to another woman

    12. Saving all the coupons you can find.

    iphone with a screen display that says "your discount coupon"

    13. Creating new food with what you have left in the fridge.

    celery with cheese and beans atop it on a wooden tray

    14. Saving gift bags to use in the future.

    cardboard gift bags

    15. Bringing homemade popcorn to the movies.

    popcorn bag being poured into a glass bowl

    16. Thrift shopping.

    woman sifting through clothes on a rack

    17. Having holes in your socks.

    person wearing socks with a hole in one toe

    18. Having friends over instead of going out.

    group of friends plays video games and eats popcorn while sitting on the floor

    19. Asking people to bring snacks and drinks to house parties or gatherings

    Guests filling plates at a summer cookout

    20. And asking for WiFi as soon as you enter any establishment.

    sign taped to a glass door of a coffee shop that says "come in free wifi"