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Three Online Jobs You Didn't Know Existed

The Internet is full of job opportunities, but did you know that these ones existed?

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Online life coach


People need life coaches and they'll even look to the World Wide Web to find them. You can be an online life coach for just about anything, including business development, beauty consultant, weight loss and even subjects like love and sex. This job - if you're lucky enough to land it - can conveniently work according to your schedule and preferences. Wondering how to become a paid life coach online? You'll need to have relevant training in your field of expertise. That said, some sites where people can find coaches actually provide their own in-site training programs for people seeking to be life coaches.

Online Live Dealer

Did you know that some online casinos offer players the option of playing live dealer games? These games are actually broadcasted in real-world and reputable gambling studios and hosted by human dealers in real-time. What does it take to be a live casino dealer? It helps to have customer service skills (you will be interacting with gamblers), know more than one language, be prepared to work long hours and you can't be camera shy (gamblers will be able to see you)! Sound interesting? You can find out a lot more about this job by checking out an interview with a live dealer on VegasMaster.

Homework Helper

Sure, you could help out a local teen with their physics homework but, with the magic of the internet, you can also help one who lives six states away from you. Sites like provide students with a virtual classroom where they can conveniently and easily seek help with their school work. Everything from subjects like Math, Science, English, Business, Foreign Language and beyond is covered. If you happen to have knowledge in any of these areas, you can get paid to help out a kid with their homework. Being an online tutor is a great part time job if you want a little extra cash.

Personal Vacation Planner

For some people, hiring a traditional travel agent just isn't enough for them to plan that dream holiday they're seeking. For these people, a personal vacation planner is in order. This job is about planning the most ideal trip for the vacationer. In some cases, it may be about helping a traveler get the most out of a cruise, such as in the case of being a virtual travel planner for Carnival Cruise Lines. On the other hand, it could involve planning the perfect surprise vacation, where the destination is kept secret from the traveller, such as in the case of Pack Up + Go.

Be a Friend for Rent

Yes, believe it or not, you can get paid to be someone's platonic friend. People use services, such as Rent a Friend, when they are new to an area, bored with their regular friends, are tired of engaging in activities alone, want to learn a new skill or hobby, or simply want platonic companionship. Friends can be rented for activities such as business events, outdoor events, snowboarding, music, hiking, dinner, arcade, photography, etc. Typically, most people who rent themselves out as friends, charge per hour. This job can be a lot of fun and a great way to get some extra cash.

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