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If You Can Get 27/27 On This Quiz, You Really ~Know Yourself~

All the little things you know about yourself add up in big ways. Do you measure up?

Whether it is knowing the bigger details or just which ice cream flavour you like most, ~knowing yourself~ isn’t always as simple as it sounds, but it is important. Tick each thing you know on the quiz below to find out if you're truly at one with yourself.

Your relationship with yourself is the most important one you'll have throughout your lifetime, and one of the things you should know is whether you are as protected as you could be.

The Vaccinate for Life tracker (produced by GSK) can help you know which vaccinations you may need. Use it in conversation with your health care provider so you can know yourself just a little bit better.

UK/VGU/0001/19b, date of prep. April 2019

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