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  • Sheep Cafe In South Korea Increases Sales With Year Of The Sheep!

    Check out the sheep cafe in South Korea - it’s BAAmy! A little cafe in Seoul called the Thanks Nature Cafe has a unique selling point to attract customers — two sheep that can be petted by customers. This cafe is incredibly popular this year as it is the Chinese New Year of the Sheep. Happy Chinese New Year! 福利高照

  • Puppy Bowl 2015!

    If you’re not interested in the Super Bowl the folks at Animal Planet are offering a fluffy alternative with their 11th Puppy Bowl. Eighty-five puppies from various animal shelters in the U.S. gathered in order to help promote animal adoption!

  • Watch Wild Brown Bears In Estonia

    Look at that bear standing up! Every year hundreds of tourists flock to Estonia to watch an amazing rare spectacle in Europe - brown bears in their natural habitat! There are about 300 bears in the Alutaguse area of Estonia so chances are high that you could spot one of these magnificent animals.

  • Polish Hedgehog Shelter: Jerzy dla Jezy

    In Klodzko, Poland, some of the cutest critters in the animal world are being rescued by one man. Jerzy Gara runs a shelter and rehabilitation center for hedgehogs called Jerzy dla Jezy. Hedgehogs have declined rapidly in the last century and if this continues, we could lose the Hedgehog by 2020 – so let’s support people like Jerzy Gaza and help to save the hedgehog!

  • Man Lives With A Pet Fox

    A man and a fox have somehow become best friends in Kent, England. Cropper the fox was found injured after being in a fight with a dog, but luckily he was found and looked after by local resident Mike Trowler, and now the pair are inseparable!

  • Capybaras Relax In Hot Tub In Japan

    It’s so cold outside, so we’re jealous of these Capybara’s relaxing in a hot tub at Saitama Children’s Zoo in Japan. Watch the video for an overload of cute!

  • Germany’s First Indoor Swimming Pool… For Dogs!

    Germany boasts it’s first indoor swimming pool for dogs in Hanau. Although it’s only open for a limited time of one month, it has already attracted visitors from all over the country, some owners putting up with a four hour drive!

  • Hamster Drag Racing

    Honestly, is this not the cutest thing that you have ever seen? Hamster racing: When hamsters are placed in hamster wheels that resemble Formula 1 cars.

  • GloFish: Scientists Create Glow In The Dark Fish!

    GloFish is actually a patented and trademark brand of genetically modified fish. Scientists first worked with a green fluorescent gene found in jellyfish and inserted it into a zebrafish. Their goal was to develop a fish that could detect pollution by selectively fluorescing in the presence of environmental toxins, however, these glow in the dark fish have instead become a popular and novelty pet.

  • Meet Chris P. Bacon: The Adorable Pig In A Wheelchair

    Chris P. Bacon is the adorable pig that was unfortunately born without the use of his hind legs. Apparently the vet caring for Chris P. used pieces from K’nex construction toys to construct a miniature wheelchair for this cute pink pig… We wish him all the luck in the future! Watch the whole video on YouTube to see Chris P Bacon in action!

  • Grumpy Cat’s Book Signing In NYC (Featuring Crazy Cat Lady)

    More than one thousand people have gathered at a bookstore in New York as they waited for their chance to meet Grumpy Cat, the household pet turned household name famed for her foul mood. Grumpy Cat is on a tour of North America to promote her new book “The Grumpy Guide to Life: Observations by Grumpy Cat”. The famed feline’s crazed fans have gone as far as writing songs for him, check it out at 0:39! Don’t forget to share this video and subscribe to our YouTube channel :)

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