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    9 Ways To Make Your Thanksgiving More Sustainable

    With all the turkey, family, football and shopping, it might be easy to forget to make sustainable choices during Thanksgiving weekend. Let's change that this year and be thankful for the many easy ways that we can make the holiday weekend sustainable and enjoyable.

    1) Include seasonal and/or locally grown foods in your holiday meal

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    Help local farmers and the environment while getting a tasty meal.

    2) Use reusable dishes and utensils


    Dishware, silverware and cloth napkins save money, reduce waste and look classier than plastic and paper.

    3) Make your house festive with natural items rather than store-bought decorations


    Try food or items from nature. After the holiday, they can be eaten, put outside or composted.

    4) Compost your food scraps


    Put all of your leftover potato peels, stale bread, vegetable scraps and food scraps in a compost bin to eliminate waste.

    5) Save your leftovers, but let them cool before storing


    Putting hot food in the fridge will make your fridge warmer, which wastes energy and money and increases the chance of food spoilage.

    6) If you shop, visit locally-owned stores


    Explore local businesses to find regional or unique gifts and keep dollars in the local economy.

    7) Consider consumable or non-material gifts, rather than things


    Food, services, trips or experiences can be more sustainable and memorable than another knickknack to put on your mantel.

    8) For a more personal gift, write a thoughtful note

    Notes are lasting reminders of friendship and are more meaningful than a last minute gift you picked up from Walmart.

    9) Take a few minutes for quiet reflection


    It's important to slow down to reflect and give thanks for all the wonderful people and things you have in your life.

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