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    Top 5 Hiking Spots Within 15 Min. Of UVM's Campus

    The days may be getting darker and chillier, but UVM students are still out and about, making the most of the Vermont outdoors as always. Tag the BORED team ( with your hiking Instagram photos to win weekly prizes with #uvmpotd.

    1. Red Rocks

    Although it's most renowned for its fabulous cliff-jumping, Red Rocks park is also home to some of Burlington's best walking trails. Take in the smell of the pine trees, the crunching of the last of the autumn leaves, and the beautiful views across Lake Champlain at this lovely hiking location.

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    2. Centennial Woods

    If you're living in the dorms, this is undoubtedly one of the easiest hiking locations to get to. I'm sure that you've heard of Centennial Woods, but I really can't stress enough that if you haven't gotten there yet, it's an incredibly worthwhile trip! Bring some friends for a stress-relieving walk through the lovely forest to catch the last of these warmish afternoons (although it is equally fun when there's some crunchy snow underfoot...)!

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    3. Eastwoods

    These trails are a little off the "beaten path" so to speak, although they are technically owned by the University and are used for forestry and botany classes every once in a while. The walking trail is about a 1-mile loop through some beautiful, mostly undiscovered forest, and crosses some gorgeous old railroad tracks.

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    4. Salmon Hole

    Located over the river in nearby Winooski, the walking trails at Salmon Hole are truly something else. Rushing rivers, winding paths, gorgeous trees, and incredible stone formations are all abundant at this gorgeous hiking location. And over on the other side of Winooski is another great network of trails that are part of the Winooski Valley Park District.

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    5. Interval Walking Trail

    Although the community of farms that make up the Intervale is a sight to see in itself, it's an equally nice time to get lost on their walking trails in the woods surrounding the farmed land. No matter the season, this is the perfect place for an incredibly quintessential Vermont adventure.

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