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    UVic Students To Follow On Instagram

    Follow these UVic students on their summer adventures, from studying abroad in Nepal to hanging out on Vancouver Island's beautiful beaches.

    1. Riley (English and Women's Studies)

    Instagram: @rileyvdl

    Riley is starting her first year at UVic this fall.

    Her summer plans? "I spend most of my summer with a nose buried in a book, but you can always find me wandering the streets of downtown Victoria, cup of bubble tea in hand."

    Follow @rileyvdl on Instagram.

    2. Corey (Music)

    Instagram: @cspeti4

    Corey is in second year for music, majoring in Classical Guitar Performance.

    "I'm a music lover of various descriptions and an avid guitarist. I restore old cars, love adventure," Corey told us.

    Follow @cspeti4 on Instagram.

    3. Rachael (Education)

    Instagram: @rachaelalexaaandra

    Rachael is a second-year student in elementary education.

    Born in Canada, but grew up in Japan, Rachael is spending the summer visiting her family in Tokyo. She had a chance to see the Vikes basketball team play in Japan in July (top left photo).

    Follow @rachaelalexaaandra on Instagram.

    4. Matt (Anthropology and Political Science)

    Instagram: @pocketblogger

    This summer, Matt is working in Tanzania with Olduvai GeoChronology Archaeological Project. He is majoring in anthropology and political science and is starting his fourth year this fall.

    Why should you check out his Instagram account? "I have an unhealthy obsession with cycling, running, and Instagram and everyone should follow me because I'm a hashtag wizard."

    Follow @pocketblogger on Instagram.

    5. Kaitie (Health and Recreation)

    Instagram: @ktszabs

    Kaitie is a second-year Health and Recreation co-op student.

    She writes, "I love the island (who doesn't) and everything about UVic! I am an Abbotsfordian which makes me a little more dull and little more country."

    This summer she is working at a tree nursery to pay off some student loans.

    Follow @ktszabs on Instagram.

    6. Turki (English Language Centre)

    Instagram: @turki811

    Turki is taking an intensive language immersion program this summer through the English Language Centre. He is from Saudi Arabia.

    After he finishes his language program, he wants to pursue a MBA.

    Follow @turki811 on Instagram.

    7. Alena (Geography and Biology)

    Instagram: @livesinadream

    Alena will be starting her fifth and final year of her undergraduate degree in Geography (major) and Biology (minor) at UVic this fall.

    This summer, she has been studying abroad in Nepal and traveling around Asia as she says, "trying to combine my passions of conservation, art, photography and travel."

    Follow @livesinadream on Instagram.

    8. Radoslav (Kinesiology)

    Instagram: @ramborady

    Radoslav is a fourth-year kinesiology student.

    He has a black belt in judo and is a personal trainer. Check out his impressive acrobatic videos on his Instagram feed.

    Follow @ramborady on Instagram.

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