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    11 of the Quirkiest Courses You Never Knew Were Offered at UVic

    Looking for an interesting elective to spruce up your schedule? We've asked some students to select a few of the most unexpected and intriguing courses offered at UVic, many of which are available in 2015.

    EPHE 156: The course UVic deserves

    ASTR 201: Anyone out there?

    TS 320: Rediscover your childhood love of video games

    HSTR 300A: Adventure without leaving the classroom

    ENGL 250: Sex, scandal and politics in the 16th century

    HSTR 300B: How aboot a little hockey, eh?

    MUS 391: Not just for the single ladies

    HSTR 336T: One course to rule them all

    ENGL 395: Enter the coven

    FA 335: Attend concerts... get credit?

    GMST 454: Vampires in film. Vampires in literature. Vampires in the classroom?

    Honourable mentions

    ART 141: An Introduction to Contemporary Art Photography

    CCS 167: Game Strategy, Interaction and Design

    ENGR 100: Security, Privacy, and You

    GEOG 391: Geo-caching*

    GRS 204: The Ancient World on Film

    HLTH 251: Healthy Sexuality

    *Please note that some of the courses are special topics and may vary from year to year. Visit the Academic Calendar for a complete list of UVic courses.