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Top 10 Ways To Use Twitter

This list talks about important skills how to be informed of current events, jokes , or memes. As well the basic foundations of how to use twitter.

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6. How to protect your tweets

1. Open the twitter app

2. Tap on the "Me" tab

3. Tap on the Settings option

4. Go to settings

5. Tap on privacy and safety

6. turn on the "protect my tweets" option

7. Done, you've protected your tweets to be private.

7. How to direct message

1. Open the twitter app

2. Tap on the "Messages" tab

3. Tap on the create messages on the right hand corner

4. type the name of the person you wish to message

5. Done, You've sent a direct message.

10. How to Mute people

1. First you open the twitter app

2. You then go to the person you would like to mute

3. Then click on a little gray system looking object

4. You will select the option to mute that person

5. Lastly, you have muted the person you didn't want to see their tweets.

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