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Why You Should Come To Human Living Library

If only books could talk... WELL NOW THEY CAN! Here's your chance to connect with UTM Alumni (AKA our Books) in a casual, cosy setting. Here are the top reasons why you should come:

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One on One conversations

You can sign out any "book" for a 20 minute one-on-one conversation. Ask your "book" questions about their time at UTM, what they're up to now, how their time at UTM helped them after graduation, AND MORE!

Group Chats

If you're not into one-on-one settings, don't worry, cuz you'll still be able to chat with our "books" in a group setting! Get together with some friends and hear from multiple "books" at once.

To register...

and to see what "books" will be at our event, visit our website at

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