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Graduate School Advice From UTM Graduate Students

Hey UTM! Graduate school application deadlines are just around the corner (or you may have applied and are waiting for a reply), so we thought we would put together advice from current UTM graduate students for you!

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Talk to others!

"Talk to current students in the program first before you apply. This ensures the program is a proper fit for you and your interests." - Kelsey Koebel

"Seek out current students with a similar background to you so you can see how they have made it fit with their interests and strengths." - Madeline Collins

Start Early

"Start early for everything! Begin thinking about what programs interest you before your last year of undergrad, ask professors for references well in advance, write your letters of intent a month before it's due. This will all allow for you to be less stressed when deadlines for program applications arrive and avoid any mistakes or other circumstances out of your control." - Kristen Schaper

Do not hurry

"Don't make your decision based on the length of the program, and don't be in a huge hurry to get your graduate degree. If you're unsure of what you want to do, work for a while or take time off to explore your options. Finding a program that is a good fit and that will be truly valuable to you is the most important thing. Oh and also, keep finances in mind and keep track of due dates for funding applications!" - Swinzle Chauhan

Proofread everything

"Writing and communication skills are important in grad school. Poor sentence structure and spelling and grammar mistakes on application documents are not good for first impressions. Get a friend or parent to proofread any written application materials before submitting." - Nate Van Smilen

We hope this helped any of you looking to apply, and good luck with your applications UTM!

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