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10 Reasons To Re-Elect Steve Zimmer For LA School Board

Steve Zimmer's work for our schools has helped kids all across Los Angeles. When you vote on March 7, re-elect Steve Zimmer to Los Angeles Unified's School Board.

1. Steve Zimmer has served the LAUSD school board since 2009.

2. Steve has a mind-blowing amount of real-world classroom experience — 17 years as a teacher and counselor at Marshall High!

3. Steve started Student Recovery Day, which brings dropped-out or absent students back to school.

4. Student Recovery Day has brought thousands of students back into the classroom. That's something that should make anyone dance.

5. Since Steve has been school board president, Los Angeles schools have seen record-high graduation rates.

6. Steve fought to lower class sizes and give students more individual attention. That's good news for human kids — and maybe even goat kids too.

7. Steve wants all schools, including charter schools, to be held to the same level of transparency.

8. Steve supports public financing of local elections.

9. Steve has vowed to protect immigrant students on campus, something that everyone should cheer about.

10. For his tireless work to make our schools better, Steve earned the endorsement of Mayor Eric Garcetti.

As school board president, Steve has done a lot for our kids. When you #VoteMarch7, vote Steve Zimmer for LA Unified's School Board, District 4.

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