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16 Times "The Office" Was The Best At Halloween

Let's be honest, nobody did it better than the Office.

1. When Michael doubled the fun.

2. When Dwight was a jack-o'-lantern

3. When Jim upgraded to the three-hole-punch version.

4. When Dwight was the Joker...

5. ...but Creed was a much better Joker...

6. ...and Kevin had been up since four.

7. When Jim was Popeye and Pam was Olive Oyl.

8. When Dwight rocked the Queen of Blades from StarCraft.

9. Just like he rocked the Sith Lord from Star Wars.

10. When Erin was a puppy and Andy was George Michael.

11. When Oscar was a Dinosaur, Kevin was Charlie Brown, and Angela was Nancy Reagan.

12. When Angela had no other choice than to be a sexy nurse.

13. When Andy was Bill Compton and Stanley was a Samurai Warrior.

14. When Ryan was Justin Bieber and Kelly was Katy Perry.

15. When Michael killed MacGruber.

16. And of course, when Halloween was really good timing for Creed.

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