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Celebrating 2019 Banned Books Week

Each year, the American Library Association records hundreds of attempts by individuals and groups to have books removed from libraries shelves and from classrooms. In 2018, they tracked 347 challenges to library, school and university materials and services. Overall, 483 books were challenged or banned around the country. In response, libraries around the world celebrate the Freedom to Read by offering Banned Books Week each year! The UTC Library exists to support intellectual endeavors and the pursuit of knowledge; we are therefore ardent supporters of intellectual freedom and our diverse collection includes some material that has been 'challenged' elsewhere. Check out this sample:

UTCLibrary 22 days ago

How Much Do You Really Know About UTC Campus History?

Test your knowledge of University of Tennessee at Chattanooga campus history with this quiz!

UTCLibrary 2 months ago

Celebrate Father's Day With These 12 Works Available At The UTC Library

Dads are awesome, and there are plenty of books and movies celebrating fatherhood. Check out this small selection available using your Mocs card at the UTC Library. You could even start a book club with dad!

UTCLibrary 4 months ago

Love & Friendship

Whether you celebrate Galentine's, Palentine's, or Valentine's day - or all of them - we've got books, movies, articles and more celebration Love and Friendship! Here's a small selection:

UTCLibrary 8 months ago

African American Reference Materials At The UTC Library

This small selection of reference materials provides an introduction to African American History. These reference books will provide important historical information as well as point you in the direction of wonderful works by African Americans in every era and in every genre!

UTCLibrary 8 months ago

What's Your Study Style?

Need a study break? Take this quiz featuring university photographs and photographs from Special Collections to find out what your study style is! For more vintage photos of student life, check out the Moccasin Yearbooks digital collection.

UTCLibrary 10 months ago

Two Minute Trivia With JSTOR Archival Journals

Who doesn't love trivia?! Take two minutes from your day and see if you can answer these questions, pulled from our most used JSTOR journals!

UTCLibrary 11 months ago

Two Minute Trivia With Duke University Press eBooks

Trivia from UTC Library's Duke University Press eBooks Collection.

UTCLibrary One year ago

How Much Do You Really Know About UTC History?

In anticipation of Founder's Week, test your knowledge with this quiz on UTC's history!

UTCLibrary One year ago

Anthony Bourdain's Lesser-Known Treasures

In honor of Anthony Bourdain, we've put together a small sample of his work for you to enjoy. Although he was best known as a travel host with an equal love of food and people, he was also a fiction author, biographer, television writer, and a man of many other talents, some of which are on display in this short list:

UTCLibrary One year ago

UTC Library Offers 5 Of The Best Non-Fiction Titles Of 2017

These non-fiction stories will inspire you... or enrage you... or make you cry. The truth can be a powerful thing.

UTCLibrary One year ago

UTC Library Offers 6 Of The Best Biographies Of 2017

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.... check out these great biographies published in 2017!

UTCLibrary One year ago

UTC Library Offer 5 Of The Best Memoirs From 2017

In their own words.... check out these 5 great memoirs published in 2017.

UTCLibrary One year ago

UTC Library Offers 5 Of The Best Science Fiction Books From 2017

Take a step through the looking glass where you’ll encounter a beetle who can erase your memory, or possibly find yourself living in an underground colony on Earth’s moon where men can’t vote! All of this and more can be found in one of best Science Fiction books of 2017. Here are a few that you can check out from the UTC Library:

UTCLibrary One year ago

UTC Library Offers 5 Of The Best Horror Novels From 2017

From the ghoulish and ghosty to the fiendish and frightening, 2017 was a terrifying year for the horror genre. This year writers for the genre were more introspective and psychological than in previous years, exploring themes that are relevant to the modern era. Check out 5 of the most popular horror novels of the year at the UTC Library, but don’t blame us for the nightmares!

UTCLibrary One year ago

UTC Library Offers 6 Of The Best Mystery Novels From 2017

Cold cases, mysterious deaths, unlikely sleuths, and twist endings. Here is a sampling of some of the most popular mystery novels that came out in 2017. If you stay up late trying to find out whodunit, you may need to leave the light on! Here are 6 that you can check out from the UTC Library:

UTCLibrary One year ago

UTC Library Offers 5 Of The Best Graphic Novels From 2017

2017 was a banner year for long-form comics. Creators were pushing the envelope of what is acceptable for mainstream IP characters as well as independent works. Here are 5 that you can check out from the UTC Library:

UTCLibrary One year ago

UTC Library Offers Some Of The Best YA Books Of 2017

2017 was an eventful year and anyone who was surprised by the topical and unflinching approach Teen Vogue took to journalism this year obviously hasn’t been paying attention to YA lately. Again in 2017, we saw YA books that thoughtfully and boldly covered difficult topics facing teens (and adults!) and exploring a variety of perspectives in so doing. Here are 5 books that you can check out from the UTC Library:

UTCLibrary One year ago

Which Frequently-Banned Book Should You Read Next?

Answer these 3 questions and we'll tell you which of the books most frequently-challenged from the last 3 years you should read next!

UTCLibrary 2 years ago

Get The 2017 Man Booker Prize Shortlist Titles At The UTC Library

On September 13, 2017, the Man Booker Prize shortlist was announced - check out the list below and click to find the books at the UTC Library!

UTCLibrary 2 years ago