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Game Changer Proceedings For Young Generation

The best way to stay financially fit as a college student isn’t exciting. It isn’t an earth-shattering process for college students. In fact, it’s quite boring. But it's also incredibly very important to maintain & enjoy the college life. No one denies the importance of college life. But a number of problems are available for those who want to learn something. These problems may be these type of points. • Learning without scholarship is very expensive, Everyone can’t afford these type of burden. So students walk away from college life. • No guidance provided about the selection of books. • The main failure is also the Limited accesses the library. • No System of college study turns into practical life. • No system available in educational institutes about Traveling & entertaining. These points fastly creep into our society, then we face many critical results in the form of lawlessness, frustration & joblessness. It’s not only the points, these are the factors influencing points. Now we can rack up only two simple questions; Who is responsible for these proceedings? And What is the solution of these critical & complex problems??? The answer is very easy, but we suggest different steps for controlling all these problems, which are as follows.

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Awareness Under One Slogan

Firstly, Mass media should create general awareness about education. And all nations should condemn indecency. And all institutes should work under one slogan “Education For All”.

Efficiency Tracking System

2ndly, All the basic material (necessities & requirement) should be provided in all the educational institutes. Provide scholarships & sponsorship to enhance the capacities of students. Develop a tracking system to track the efficiency of students.

System Of Sources Access

3rdly, Free accessing the library should be requested, notified & implemented on all educational institutes. And Why educational institutes do not develop the online library resources separately (for every grade level). This is the great facility for students. This procedure may also be completed from the student’s duty.

Practically Performance System

4thly, Educational institutes should take the responsibility of basic practical performance in the duration of the course session. This is the basic way to enhance the creativity & novelty.

Brain Enhancement Activities

5thly, Healthy activities like sports, tourism should be promoted which can be easily affordable for common people. And it may also be sponsored activities for the facilitation of students.

So we can easily conclude that “ Why We can’t afford these points”. And remember one thing “Education can’t make a nation great only it may also be the example of warning, spoiling & blight in the history of nation”. So educational institutes should work with the realities for the facilitation of humanity.

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