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11 Things Diwali Does Better Than Any Other Holiday

Not everyone has been lucky enough to double-fist laddoos and sparklers. For your gora friends, here is the perfect post to describe all the magic that is Diwali in a way they'll understand.

1. Achha, Diwali is all about diyas. All they need to know is that there's a LOT of them.

2. You get presents, so basically you can explain to them that it's kind of like receiving gifts for Christmas or Hanukkah.

3. You might also get $$$. It's just like a visit to grandma!

4. If they ask what exactly you’re celebrating, just explain that it’s Lord Rama’s homecoming from a seriously long exile.

5. There are also fireworks and sparklers! You know, like for the 4th of July, but with even more firepower.

6. Wearing new clothes is a big part of Diwali, so go ahead and let them know it's a little like the first day of school.

7. And don't forget about the DEEP cleaning your home will get — like spring cleaning, but in the fall.

8. Everybody is there, so it's a huge family reunion with food way better than barbecue.

9. You get to eat TONS of sweets too — so think Halloween but with jalebis.

10. And, like with Halloween, you get to decorate your doorway. But instead of jack-o'-lanterns, you have rangolis.

11. Last but not least, there are totally unreal Black Friday–esque sales.

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