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13 Stadium Foods That Are (Almost) Better Than Watching The Game

Mom always said, "Don't cheer with your mouth full." But with the variety of menu options at the Vikings' new U.S. Bank Stadium, you might not have a choice!

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1. Start with these fully loaded hoagies from Andrew Zimmern's Canteen.


Snacking cheer translation: "Fuss unh guhw!" = "First and goal!"

2. We're gonna have to flag these Cinnie Smith's cinnamon rolls for unnecessary deliciousness.

Courtesy of Aramark

Snacking cheer translation: "Wuh umbuh wuh! Wuh umbuh wuh!" = "We're number one! We're number one!"

3. These cookies from T-Rex Cookie Company are, like, the size of manholes.

T Rex Cookie Company, LLC / Via Facebook: TRexCookie

Snacking cheer translation: "Insuh! Insooooohhhhd!" = "It's up! It's goooooood!"

4. Then there's the scrumptiously named "Stackwich" from BeGraceful Bakery...

Come to the stack in section --328 for the "Stackwich"

Snacking cheer translation: "Rho fuh due!" = "Go for two!"

6. These little baby gems from 612 Burger Kitchen have Sriracha mayo, y'all. This is not a drill.

Courtesy of Aramark

Snacking cheer translation: "Wholwyhne snuhnd!" = "Goal-line stand!"

9. Who doesn't want truffles in flavors like Cookies 'n' Cream or a stout beer from Just Truffles?

11. Save room for these amazing crispy chicken sliders from Revival

Courtesy of Aramark

Snacking cheer translation: "Huhs luhz uhn tuh suggundawy!" = "He's loose in the secondary!"

12. It wouldn't be Minnesota football if we didn't sample these beer-battered cheese curds from Curds & Cakes.

Courtesy of Aramark

Snacking cheer translation: "Whath tuh bluxh!" = "Watch the blitz!"

13. Wash it all down with a delicious brew or craft cocktail at the brand new Caribou Bar on the main concourse!

Courtesy of Aramark

Snacking cheer translation: *glug, glug, glug, gulp, burp* = "Z! Twenty-Eight! Trips right bandit red on three!"

Catch all the amazing food action this season at U.S. Bank Stadium! Oh, and you can also watch football there.

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