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13 Skills You Only Have If You Were Broke In College

The struggle is real.

1. You can think about money and school at the same time.

Every time I walk past a bank I think, "Oh, that's right! I need to buy some money."

2. You rock a unique "vintage style" to save on clothes.

3. You always buy used textbooks, and you learn way more from them than expected.

so funny when you buy a used textbook with highlighter marks cause u can see exactly what chapter they gave up on life (chapter 2) 👌🏻

4. You know measuring cups double as real cups.

5. In fact, anything can be a cup.

6. And actual cups deserve to be treated like royalty — even when they're plastic.

7. You treat free food like the priceless gift it is.

Perfect Laughs / Marlon Webb / Via

8. And this is basically a grocery store:

9. You know how to prioritize.

Using your food money to get your nails done #CollegeLife #BrokeLife

10. And your DIY costumes are better than most store-bought costumes.

11. When it comes to your apartment, you'll happily settle for the cheaper one four flights up.

12. Actually, your apartment doesn't even have to be an actual apartment.

13. Because you can make the best of any situation, as long as you have friends by your side.

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