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12 Struggles Of Being The First One In Your Family To Go To College

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1. Learning a bunch of new vocabulary words.

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2. Adapting to a new cultural environment.

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3. Having lots of questions but not having anyone to ask them to.

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4. Having your mom decorate your dorm room to the nines (but, like, you're not complaining).

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5. As soon as school starts, having them call you constantly "just to check in."


6. Finding a replacement for your fam's cooking is a struggle.

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7. And so is technology.


8. Every text you send, it seems like things get lost in translation.


9. The sense that every accomplishment is about way more than just your personal success.


10. Finding a student organization that truly understands you.

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11. Explaining to your family that it's actually possible to change your major and/or life goals.

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12. Understanding that graduation is for you, but it's also for them.

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Visit for tools to help you learn what you need to know to responsibly manage your finances and to find out about our yearly scholarship offer.