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10 Ways To Do The Holidays Without Breaking The Bank

Start off 2015 with more than just a pile of cookies to your name. Use this list of tips from USAA to become a smarter saver for now or in the future.

1. Make a list.

2. While you’re at it, take that list to the next level.

3. Divide and conquer... your budget.

4. Buy gifts in sets.

5. Gift something sweet.

Especially if you want to show some love to a larger group of people, like co-workers or a family, why not bake or cook up something and show how much you really care? Bonus points if it’s a treasured family recipe.

6. Shop online if you’re trying to find a deal on something (or many things).

7. Ship it without *actually* shipping it.

8. Get your New Year's crew picked out early...

9. you can go big for New Year's without going bankrupt.

10. Most importantly, pay attention.

USAA is here to help, no matter what kind of holiday you have planned this year.