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11 Ways To Pinch Pennies During A Move

Oh the joys of moving. Moving can be a pretty terrible ordeal, not to mention expensive. Use these money-saving tips from USAA to ease your pain and fatten your bank account!

1. Why pay for boxes when you can get them for free?!

2. Definitely don't waste your money on Bubble Wrap.

3. Get your friends to help instead of hiring a moving company.

4. Plan your meals according to your moving timeline.

5. Get rid of unnecessary clutter with a yard sale.

6. Instead of renting a truck, borrow a friend's.

7. But if you absolutely must use a moving company, make sure you get quotes from multiple companies.

8. If you're moving a long distance, a portable moving container might be a good idea.

9. Deduct some of those pesky moving expenses from your taxes.

10. If you can, try and move during the "off-season."

11. If you have a lot of books, just ship them to your new home!

Good luck with your move! Hope to see you again soon!

USAA means United Services Automobile Association and its affiliates.