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10 Reasons Why Army Vs. Navy Is America's Favorite Rivalry

The big game is coming on December 13. Are you ready? While the Army-Navy rivalry is one of the fiercest in the country, when all is said and done, everyone is on America's team, just like USAA.

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1. If you've ever worn a uniform, you know that Army-Navy is about more than just football.

There is a reason that this game is viewed each year by our soldiers based all over the world.

2. Whichever branch wins gets all the bragging rights the armed services have to offer.

Drew Hallowell / Stringer / Via Getty Images

if you've ever been in the service, you know that bragging rights means things like extended leave, privileges, and other perks. It's a big deal.

4. In fact, the only thing more epic are the players themselves.

Rick Stewart / Stringer / Via Getty Images

The focus of every training session and every game is achieving victory at Army vs. Navy. The other games pretty much just don't matter.

5. And it's all thanks to Teddy Roosevelt, who reinstated this tradition in the late 19th century.


"I should like very much to revive the football game between Annapolis and West Point." - Theodore Roosevelt

6. The current score is Army with 49 wins, and Navy with 58 wins.

Matt Rourke / AP

Even though Navy leads the series, both sides fight with an unbelievable amount of heart every time they meet.

7. The football teams represent two amazingly historic institutions:

8. This is the last football game that the Army-Navy seniors will ever play!

Jim McIsaac / Staff / Via Getty Images

Within six months, they'll all be commissioned officers for their respective branches.

10. But no matter who wins, all of our soldiers and sailors fight for the same side.

During the game, Army and Navy are bitter rivals. After the game, they become brothers in arms.

Tune in on December 13 to see the greatest rivalry in all of sports, 3:00 p.m. (EST) on CBS.

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