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10 Ways To Eat Like A King (On A Budget)

Just ‘cause you’re broke as a joke doesn’t mean you can’t eat like a king. Check out USAA for even more money-saving, life-improving tips to make you feel like a wealthy genius.

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1. Get your condiments and spices from the dollar store.

Who knew you could get this stuff at the dollar store?! It's pretty much like a big insider secret. Save money AND keep your food as flavorful as ever. No one has to know.

2. Make your lunch at home.

It takes a little prep, but good lord does it add up fast. You'll save up enough that you can go out and eat like a fancy emperor every now and then. (Your date doesn't need to know you eat tuna sandwiches 23/6.)

3. Dumpster dive behind fancy bakeries.

Your extra-high-quality joints are paranoid about freshness, so there's no way they'd sell a day-old croissant. You, on the other hand, have slightly lower standards along with a thirst for adventure and living on the edge. What more needs to be said?

4. Coupons!

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It's not just for old people anymore. Even food delivery services like GrubHub offer coupons for first-time orders. So get your friends and neighbors together: If you're willing to order to a different address every time, guess what? Yep, you beat the system.

6. Go out for lunch instead of dinner.

It's MUCH cheaper. Plus, if you're with a group, there's less of a chance your friends will order drinks, appetizers, or plates to share while at lunch. In other words, it's much easier to get hornswaggled into paying $30 at dinner than at lunch.

Pro Tip: A lot of your high-end steak joints have an Achilles' Heel — an affordable burger that's probably the best thing you've ever eaten.

7. Get your produce at farmer's markets / fruit stands.

You could be forgiven for thinking farmer's markets are for yuppies, but the food is actually way cheaper and way fresher. Why? It's a long story that involves supply chains and macroeconomics, but you can be happy knowing that you're getting the healthiest, highest-quality produce available for less money than even the dingiest supermarket.

And guess what? There's a chance you already live near one.

8. Hunt and fish.

Oh no big deal, just the way your ancestors got their food for free for like a gazillion years. Look, if you live in NYC, you're probably not hunting your own prey (unless you're a chicken-raising Brooklyn hipster). But if you don't, strap up, predator! Time to hit the wilderness!

9. Throw a family feast for $10.


Rotisserie chicken from the supermarket = $6. Little paper drumstick frills = free. Potato = 50¢ each. One head of lettuce = like, what, $1? $2? Add those together and you have a holiday feast for a family of four for under 10 bucks.

10. There are a million ways to dress up white / brown rice.


Rice is pretty much the perfect food. It's filling, it's cheap, and you can buy a TON of it at a time. It's also pretty easy to spice up, so you don't feel like you're eating the same bland porridge each and every time.

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