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15 Signs You’re Pretty Much In A Relationship With Pizza

*kisses fingers like a chef* Urban Pie's unique flavors will steal a pizza your heart.

1. You firmly believe that pizza is perfect for any time of the day.

2. You always eat the crust because you respect art.

3. When people ask “pancakes or waffles?”, you respond with “pizza.”

4. And every night out is spent thinking about the pizza you'll have at the end of it.

5. You love it when you catch a whiff of pizza's signature scent during the day.

6. You perk up at any mention of pizza.

7. All your friends and fam know that pizza is the way to your heart.

8. And if anyone tries to suggest anything other than pizza, you shut that down real fast.

9. In your opinion, the three most romantic words in the English language are “let’s have pizza.”

10. And you think that sausage, peppers, mushrooms, and onions are like adorably delicious little personality quirks.

11. You'd swipe right if pizza were on any dating apps...especially if it were a eight-cheese Alfredo pie.

12. You'd pretty much bring pizza anywhere if you could.

13. You feel a dreadful loss in your heart and stomach when basil and fresh mozzarella are not on your tongue.

14. Pizza always delivers on its promises and never lets you down.

15. And you don't plan on breaking up any time soon — 'cause your love is eternal.

Your relationship with pizza will stand the test of time. Open your heart and fall in love with Urban Pie's unique and delicious flavors.