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How To Get And Stay Inspired

Want to learn a new skill? Or compose a phenomenal masterpiece?

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Staying inspired is key to focusing on what you want most, what your main priority is. Whether you want to learn or complete something,things like writer's block, or just plainly not wanted to do it always happens. Take some steps to get yourself inspired and in the mood to run, to write, to learn, whatever you'd like.

1. Plan Out Your Motives


I've learned that if I want to keep my mind to something, I have to make it official so I can't just keep putting it off and putting it off and putting it off. Put maybe 10-20 minutes into this to make it neat and polished, very clear of what your goals are, what when and how.

2. Be sure your plans fit into your healthy schedule and that they're realistic.


Don't rate the ability to do something too hard because you can't do it now. Yes, be realistic, but don't tell yourself your going to push yourself to the maximum capacity from the start.

3. Get an influencing playlist.


Finding your own background music lets you zone out of reality and try something different. Listen to music that will get you pumped for your goals.

Great songs that brought me inspiration:

1. Same Love - Macklemore X Ryan Lewis ft. Mary Lambert

2. You Don't Own Me - Grace ft. G-Eazy

3. Lose It - Oh Wonder

4. Many songs from One Direction's album: "Four", including "Spaces", "Ready To Run", and "Clouds"

4. Stay Optimistic


What good will it do when your thinking about failing? Or quitting? All the time you waste doing something you love will vanish once you quit. Staying optimistic reminded me that I can do anything.


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K seriously. People all the time will say ugly remarks like, "That's impossible", or, "Do you know how hard that is?" Yes, it is important to be realistic, but that's your decision to decide what you simply can and can't do. You are in charge of yourself, don't let your classmates, friends, or family stop you.

8. Keep your good intentions.


Reminder: You want to help yourself, not harm yourself. A skinny body does not always mean you are healthy— it can mean the complete opposite if you have it for the wrong reasons. You see all these tan, tall, skinny models everywhere from Victoria's Secret to your Tumblr feed. Eating disorders are not healthy, and shouldn't be valid option for any women or men. Don't overwork yourself, and don't let all those photo-shopped beach bodies lower your self-esteem. Everyone loses weight at different times, some harder for others, just stay strong and determined, and remember, you're doing it for yourself and nobody else.

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