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5 Things You Never Thought That Your Emoji Choices Secretly Say About You

No, the upside down smiley doesn't mean you're psychotic. Maybe?

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Let's be honest, whoever invented the emoji is a fucking genius.

So they say that only a small part of what you're saying is actually understood. More often, it's your body language and facial expressions that speak louder than words (or anything else that might be coming out of your mouth).

And the one place that we run into trouble the most when we can't see what the other person's doing? iMessage. WhatsApp? I don't know what the kids are into these days. But there is a way we can clarify our mood. I'm not talking about sending a picture of your face when you accidentally open up your front camera to your friend who you haven't spoken to in ten years.

No, I mean emojis! Those little things you put in your text that let you know you want to spice up a conversation with an upside down smiley face for no particular reason. Which brings us into number 1 on our list.

Because anyone who has listed to the radio in the last five years can probably put two and two together. More than that though, you know every emoji like the back of your head and begin to notice patterns in how they look.

But that's still not quite as bad as when you are having a perfectly good conversation and you're a clumsy mess and can't press the right thing on the screen.

Not to come off rude or anything, pressing the right button and double checking before sending happens to all of us. Mostly with auto correct though…

Anyways, it almost seems like certainty that we will be getting shades of eggplant in the near future, because knowing what shade a dick is definitely overrides any sort of emotional expression. Wait, how did we even get on the topic of dicks?

But at the end of the day, we have become masters of our own accord and know exactly where the placement is for that one emoji you always send to your SO. It's all in the back of your head and you're now just a muse for emotions. Just don't play with people's hearts.

It's obviously pretty hard to get your emotions across in solely text, that's why sarcasm is so hard to decipher when all you see are a jumble of characters. But once you master exactly what you want to say with your friends, it's all clear as day.


While it's easy to attach some sort of emotional value with your emoji choice, it's not as easy to show every dimension of emotion through a set few icons that show a set number of facial expressions. Eli Dresner and Susan Herring, two researches from Telaviv University and Indiana University, have actually found that while a face can tell a story, body language also is a big part of communication.

So next time you really want to get your point across, maybe send a video. Snapchat, Instagram, whatever you feel like it. They're all copying each other now. Maybe flail a little bit when you're filming though. Apparently it makes it easier to show how you're feeling? I don't know, I'm an expert.

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