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13 Stages Of Procrastination That We're All Guilty Of

It will get finished, but there are just a few emotions, roadblocks, and false starts you have to work through first.

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1. The Creative Stage


What begins as writing a to-do list casually becomes a beautiful work of art.

2. The Plotting Stage


You spend an obscene amount of time on a game plan and then celebrate how much time you have to do nothing.

3. The Fake-out Stage


You start on it early, completely motivated and game to conquer this beast... but then you remember it’s lunch time.

4. The Resting Stage


You take a nap because this is so hard but then don't wake up until days later.

5. The Reassessment


You wake up realizing you need a new game plan, so you recalculate to find the exact second when you actually need to start working.

6. The Slight Detour / Via

You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and begin searching for answers but get sidetracked into practicing for karaoke.

7. The Cleaning Stage


You notice how dirty everything is around you, which unleashes Captain Clean Freak, who then speed cleans your entire apartment.

8. Introspection

Oxygen / Via

You get lost pondering deep existential questions like, "Can I smize?"

9. The Actual Commencement Stage


You sit down to actually get started but then the internet exists... soooo...

10. The Isolation Stage


Turning down social functions because you need to focus and get this done, but you actually watch a complete TV marathon.

11. The Caffeine Stage


Drinking loads of caffeine to pull an all-nighter, and in reality you only accomplish everything else you’ve been putting off in your life.

12. The Future Promises Stage


Promising yourself never to procrastinate again.

13. The Finally Finishing Stage / Via

Somehow you finish on time and prove to yourself once again that you work best under pressure.

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