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15 People Share Their Selfless Holiday Wishes

It’s wishing season, and we asked BuzzFeed employees to share their holiday wishes for others. Submit your own selfless wish here or using #WishesDelivered. For every wish you share, $1 will be donated to a UPS partner charity.

1. A wish for those in need.

2. A wish for lonely animals.

3. A wish about service to others.

4. A wish for shared joy.

5. A wish for everyone.

6. A wish on behalf of friends.

7. A wish for new homes.

8. A wish for every child.

9. A wish about nature.

10. A wish for those traveling.

11. A wish for soldiers.

12. A wish for Mom!

13. A wish for Christmas joy.

14. A wish for the new year.

15. And a wish for fulfilled wishes.

Carson got just what he wanted. Watch his story:

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