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    The 7 Chakras

    Chakra take in energy your body receives from the world around you, and manipulate it for the body’s benefit, before radiating the resulting energy out of the body.


    Below is an overview of what each chakra does.

    Chakra 1

    is known as the root chakra, and deals with our interconnectedness with the earth. If we lose touch with reality or are "surfing on cloud nine" we need to become grounded again and that is where this chakra is important. Physically this chakra is located at the base of your spine. This chakra is closely related to the earth and feeling fearful.

    Chakra 2

    is known as the sacral chakra, and is located around the lower back and reproductive organs. It deals with our emotional state and sexual wellbeing. If you are feeling down or emotionally vacant try doing something creative or watch a funny TV show! This chakra is closely related to water and the feeling of guilt.

    Chakra 3

    is the chakra that deals with power and egotism. Physically located just below the chest on your solar plexus, it is affected greatly by how powerful you feel. Taking control of a situation instead of thinking ’poor me’ will help to improve this chakra. This chakra is closely related to fire and feeling ashamed.

    Chakra 4

    is known as the heart chakra. It deals with love and is the great balancer of opposing forces such as mind and body, yin and yang. If you are feeling isolated this is probably the chakra affected. Try going out to a party or dining with friends. This chakra is closely related to air and the feeling of sadness or grief.

    Chakra 5

    is known as the throat chakra. It deals with expressing oneself vocally and the vibrations of sound reaching the body. If you are feeling like nobody notices you listen to some music or speak out more emphatically. This chakra is closely related to sound and being deaf to other’s needs or overly vocal.

    Chakra 6

    is known as the brow chakra. The brow chakra deals with the intuitive and psychic abilities as well as physical sight. If you a feeling tired or confused, or seeing things in a difficult light try meditating or having a lie-down. Closely related to light and therefore disillusionment.

    Chakra 7

    is known as the crown chakra. It deals with knowledge, both in a physical and universal sense and higher level thought processes related to the frontal lobe. If you are having trouble concentrating this chakra is probably affected. Try moving to a quiet location after taking a short break. This chakra is related to thought and mental attachment or affinity with others.

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