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11 Faces You’ll Recognize If You Love Cats Way Too Much

Cat people, this is for you.

1. When your cat refuses to cuddle with you...

2. you come up with a brilliant scheme to make her cuddle more.

3. When you hear someone say they like cats and dogs "the same."

4. When you can't find your cat for a second and are sure he got out of the house — and then you see him under the table.

5. When you get an email notification that your cat's favorite food is 20% off online.

6. When someone says, "I'd love to live in a world without cats."

7. When someone says you're too obsessed with your cat...

8. ...or that they've never owned a cat.

9. When something is missing and you're sure your cat ate it — but then you find it.

10. When someone asks to talk to you, and then it turns out they want you to cat-sit.

11. And...this. Forever.

There's just no truer love. Binge-watch Up for Adoption on Go90 for more cat-loving laughs!